Whether you’re an entrepreneur, SEO of a big corporate firm or an employee putting in the 8 hours a day, you most certainly have heard of the green movement making way into homes and business.
The means for a more sustainable lifestyle is becoming a goal for society these days as the green movements are opening eyes, showing people the serious consequences if we do not take better care of our environment.

When it comes to businesses, they too can and should take steps in greening their space. People spend most of their time working, so doesn’t it make sense to turn your working lifestyle into a more sustainable one. By implementing some Eco-friendly changes into your working environment or changing your working methods, you are benefiting the environment as well as creating a healthier space for yourself.

What is a Sustainable or Green Business

An enterprise with minimal negative effect on its environment, community, society or economy can be considered sustainable.

Does your business have the following criteria to be seen as green?
1. When making business decisions, sustainability is one of the principles.
2. The service or product is environmentally friendly.
3. The business is on a regular search to become greener.
4. Environmental principles get committed no matter what the operation is.

Make your business more sustainable

It is exciting to see a majority of commercial buildings taking the environment into consideration by adapting to sustainable strategies. No matter how big or small, everyone can take the steps to make small changes. Here is how

1 Renewable Energy
Solar Photovoltaic and wind power technologies can help minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ombri%C3%A8re_SUDI_-_Sustainable_Urban_Design_%26_Innovation.jpg

2 Roofs
There are many roofing options that can turn your business building into a more sustainable one that helps reduce the greenhouse gasses, for example, living roofs, solar roofs, and white roofs.

3 Rainwater Collection
To reduce flood risks, minimize main water use and save energy cost, you can use collected water for flushing toilets and watering landscapes.

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Simple_Diagram_to_show_Rainwater_Harvesting.png

4 Passive Heating and Cooling
Make sure your building has the right insulation to reduce the use of the heating and cooling system.

5 Lighting
Installing energy efficient light bulbs and sensors is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to apply sustainability.

Source: https://pixabay.com/fr/lampe-%C3%A0-%C3%A9conomie-d-%C3%A9nergie-ampoule-148901/

6 Biodegradable Cleaning Products
Even if you are not the one doing the cleaning, you can reduce your exposure to toxins and chemicals by encouraging greener cleaning methods.

7 Recycle
One of the first things that come to mind when considering sustainability is recycling, which is a great way to start. Besides just applying recycling to office waste, think outside the box and opt for purchasing vintage office furniture instead of buying new.

8 Analyze
Water and energy waste can become the main money wasting culprits in a company if they are not monitored correctly. You can find out if there is a free energy audit in your office.

9 Update
Reduce the use of paper by making use of the latest technologies and make sure your appliances are energy star.

10 Constructions
If you are a newcomer starting a large scale development, you have the advantage of making the right choices from the start. Choose a green building construction company that uses the best methods for reducing greenhouse gasses and toxic waste and who can develop a sustainable building according to your needs.

We have the stewardship of the world, and we should realize that nature has certain rights as well. In order to solve global issues, it is each individual’s responsibility to make small changes. If you are a corporate leader at a big firm, you already have a leadership advantage that can make a big difference to our environment through being an example and leading the way. With that being said, going green does not only help the environment, but it can help you save money along the way and help your business stand out from the competition.