The key to a successful interview begins with making a positive first impression. First impressions will impact how the interviewer processes the remainder of the interview. Arriving early, dressing professionally, keeping cell phones out of sight, and being nice to the receptionist are all ways to impress before the formal interview. When it is time to meet the interviewer, a confident greeting is critical to a dazzling first impression.

Arrive Early

The first rule for success is to never arrive late. Plan to arrive about ten minutes before the scheduled interview. Too much earlier might make them feel like they have to adjust their schedule for you. Take into consideration potential traffic patterns and weather conditions that may affect your arrival time. Showing up at the very last minute while looking frazzled will give the impression that you are not dependable.

Dress Professionally

A professional, yet not boring attire is best for setting the right first impression. You will want the interviewer to remember you, but not for dressing too casual or boring. Aim for clothing that portrays a neat appearance with some elements of interest. A pop of color that is not too vibrant can be helpful. You can find great deals on quality, professional clothing by using online coupons for Boden. Steer clear of over accessorizing as this can be a distraction.

Keep Cell Phones Out of Sight

Playing games on your cell phone will never send a good first impression. Instead, arrive early and read over your resume. Be certain to put your cell phone on silent or leave it in the car. A good first impression will be made when the interviewer sees that your sole focus is on the interview and there are no other distractions.

Be Friendly to the Receptionist

Arriving early will likely give you the opportunity to make small talk with the receptionist. Remember that this is also an opportunity to impress the interviewer. Often, the interviewer will talk to the receptionist after the interview to ask about your demeanor. Treat the receptionist well. It may impact the results of the interview.

Greet with Confidence

Introduce yourself to the interviewer with confidence. Stand tall and do not slouch. Make eye contact and keep your handshake strong. A handshake that is too weak can send the signal that you lack confidence. Speak clearly and show confidence. Be sure to maintain that confidence throughout the interview too. If you don’t know an answer to a questions calmly ask for a few minutes instead of feeling anxious and not answering.

Your actions prior to an interview will lead to positive or negative first impressions. Follow these tips to make a good first impression, then conquer the interview. When you feel well-prepared before you even start the interview, you give off a sense of confidence. By making small preparations beforehand, you can make a great first impression, which can be a deal-breaker when it comes to getting the job.