Mobiles phones have been around for a long time, but in recent times smartphones have taken the market by storm. Smartphones can be used to access websites and blogs. Internet connection on the Smartphones can also be used to download great apps for food delivery, online shopping and much more. Now they have an app for virtually everything.

So it is obvious that an amazing mobile app is of vital importance for the growth of your brand. Creating an app is just the first step towards success, but a smartphone app does not guarantee success. Successful growth can only happen if you are able to bring your app to the top of the ratings chart as people usually download the apps that are rated highly by other users.


You can ensure a large number of downloads by bringing your app to everyone’s attention. However, this is quite a difficult task.

It is recommended to start marketing the application long before the actual launch. This way, it is possible to build certain amount of anticipation before the launch.

Here are some ways to ensure that your app becomes a success from the first day of launch:

Plan the Day of launch

Many feel that launching your app on any day will work, but that is not entirely true. You need to work out which day of the week will make your app a huge success.

Monday is the first day of the week and worst day for app launch as all are busy with work and would not get time to notice a new app while Friday or the weekend means that people have free time but would rather spend it with family than taking notice of new apps.

Tuesday is the day that is best for launching a B2B app as the week has already started, but your audience now has time to take notice of new apps especially since there are 4 days till the weekend.

Get the App Featured on Various App Stores

Google and Apple app store are quite popular places from which app are downloaded. This does not mean that you just launch the app in these stores. Your aim should be to hit as many app stores as possible.

Other app stores like Amazon, Windows, and Opera are just some of the many other app stores that will help to get your numbers up.

This will help your app to be distributed on a worldwide scale.

Stefan Bielau feels that by distributing your app through numerous app stores, the app can get a better market than other apps.

For example, In China, the volume of app downloads from app stores that are new is quarter of the download volumes of Google app store.

Other app stores also help to make paid apps free. This strategy enhances the visibility of the app and boosts download volume.

For example, Amazon lets users download a paid app for free on the first day of launch.

Advertisement through Social Media

Social media has become quite popular in recent times, and it does not seem that it is going to die down anytime soon. So why not take advantage of the social media to get the word around about your app. Social media networks like Twitter and Facebook are great avenues to look into.

These help you to get early reviews about your app and even rope in some extra downloads by grabbing the attention of social media users.

A re-tweet campaign with a few relevant hashtags along with a simple response like “thank you” can work wonders about boosting social media activity.

Case Study:

Virgin mobile launched an app called Virgin mobile live app. They then spread the word about its launch through Buzzfeed, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

This helped them get over 50,000 shares on Facebook and Twitter alone. Now they have over a million unique views each month.

Send your App for a Review

Reviews are known to improve visibility and letting the targeted audience know how great content is.


So why not use the same strategy for your app. The internet has various app review sites that can provide your app with a good review.

For example, there is Cnet, 148apps, Mashable, Techcrunch, IGN wireless and many more.

Submit your app to these sites and wait for a review. A good review will definitely help to get your download volume up.

You will find many app review sites and if you are confused as to use which one, then have a look at the sites Alexa rating. Submit for a review to sites that have a rating which is more than 50k.

Prepare a Catchy Video about the App

Google search has revealed that the average attention span of an adult is no more than 8 seconds. This is a fact. Do you really think that the prospective reader will have time to read content about your app?

The answer is most probably No.

So to catch the attention of targeted prospective users, you need to create a video that has a background score that is quite catchy.

Make sure the video is no longer than 2 minutes but include all the features of your app so that it can be shared on Facebook and YouTube.

This will be a huge step towards improving the success of your newly launched app.

Pay-Per-Install Networks   

Pay-per-install (PPI) networks are used by software developers and advertisers market to get revenue from the distribution of a software or app.

Focusing attention of potential users on your app is a great way to improve download volume. This can be done by signing up to the services of a PPI network.

Get started by deciding on a “cost per install.” As soon as that is decided, the network will start its work by promoting your app and encouraging users to download your app.

The options are:

  • Incentivized download
  • Non-incentivized download

Usually, a non-incentivized download can cost 2-3 times an incentivized download but, someone might be more willing to download your app in return for a good incentive.

App Directory Listing

Listing your app in a directory works wonders for the success of your app. Consumers have the option of downloading and installing apps from these platforms directly without having to go back to any app store.

Various sites offer their services to categorize the app while providing reviews and rankings. Rankings are based on internal analysis and the experience of the user.

Some examples of such sites are: Appolicious and AppBrain


Just like mobile phones, apps have also gained popularity among users. Thus creating an app for your brand can be a great way to improve brand visibility as well.

For the growth of your brand, you need to ensure the app is a success since the first day of launch. In this article, you will find ways to do that.

Take advantage of these ideas and make your mobile app a success with a good download volume.