Teams need leaders – this is an undisputable fact that we’ve all learned. When there is no leader, things between the team can fall into chaos. Nobody knows who’s doing what, nobody’s tracking the progress of everything that needs to be done, deadlines are forgotten in the midst of chaos, and everybody’s giving off opinions on what should happen without reaching a proper consensus. When there is no one effectively heading the team, productivity is lost in favor of trying to fix things and making any semblance of a system.

An effective leader can avoid these situations, which is not only crucial for the completion of a project or task, but also for the progress and success of the organization, especially for businesses. When there is someone at the helm and taking charge of what should happen and when should things be completed, the processes are better, smoother, and more efficient.

But being able to lead the team to the finish line is not the only thing a leader is capable of. An effective team head can cultivate a sense of initiative, motivation, confidence, and morale. A leader can provide guidance when it’s necessary, and when a good leader is able to take good care of his team, then everyone is on board the task at hand and can contribute well for it to succeed.

But what makes an impressive business leader? Find out with this infographic by Healthy Business Builder:

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Garret is the founder and CEO of Healthy Business Builder and through his company, is dedicated to using his real-life business experience and training to meet his passion to see businesses succeed through creative marketing, disciplined management, and committed client service.