As a busy business professional, it is very important to manage your time well. This can be difficult when trying to juggle multiple projects along with routine tasks. Staying on top of each project requires that you incorporate some good time management skills into your everyday routine. Try these 5 to help keep you on track.

Project Calendar

A calendar is not just a convenient way to keep track of dates; they are also a useful way to keep track of projects. Set up an online calendar and enter important action steps required for each day you work on the project. Projects can be broken down into a series of steps and laid out according to the needed timeline so everyone involved can see what is expected.. Doing things this way turns a big project into easy to manage pieces.

Prioritize Tasks

It is easy to waste precious time doing minor tasks that don’t need to be done right away. It may be tempting to put off difficult tasks for later, but this is not a good strategy. The best way to go about it is to prioritize difficult tasks first. Get them out of the way. The remaining days spent on the project will then seem like a breeze.

Focused Problem Solving

Expect to run into problems along the way during the project. Problems along the way are inevitable. Instead of dreading them, learn to see them merely as issues that require a solution. Make a point of finding the best way to solve each problem. Stick with it until the problem has been resolved. Being known as a skilled problem solver is great for the project and for your career prospects.


Sometimes when professionals get involved in a project they see it as their baby. They are so wrapped up in trying to do everything that the project falls behind schedule. Avoid project drag by delegating parts of it to other competent associates as necessary. Letting go of certain tasks may be difficult, but it will speed up project completion and remove a lot of stress from your life. Proven strategies make the job much easier.


When there is no check-up on progress, it’s easy to fall further and further behind.  One important tool to remember throughout the process is frequent accountability meetings or progress reports.  Having each member of the team give an update on where they are at on a regular basis will open more opportunities for problem-solving and will also help people to realize more fully what they need to be doing.  If you are working on a project alone, consider arranging a personal accounting for progress with a coworker to keep you focused.

Time management skills are essential to professionals that must keep projects running smoothly. Savvy professionals can keep multiple projects running fast and smooth with the help of popular tools like Profit Fab job management software. Effective tools like these make juggling multiple projects a breeze. By finding the right tools and applying these 5 principles, you’ll be better able to keep your projects on schedule.

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