If there is one thing that absolutely everyone online is talking about, it is the idea that Google is getting smarter by the hour. Still, while a lot of people focus on aspects such as algorithm and crawlers, as of lately, the feature of voice search is also getting more and more attention. In the past, Google voice search seemed like nothing more than a mispronunciation platform to be used only in the most extreme of situations, but now, things are getting a turn for the better.

Not only is logistics behind it getting more sophisticated and accurate but pulling this off the right way around has a potential of getting you the desired results as soon as possible. This innovation is expected to make the greatest ripple in the world of B2B marketing and here are a few reasons why.

Why Now?

One of the first questions anyone will ask when faced with this assumption is the question of why now? Well, first of all, the voice search technology has significantly improved, and instead of just recognizing the words that are being uttered, the software now has a way of including location and context in the interpretation process.

With this in mind, the chances of Google accurately picking up your vocal inquiry gets significantly higher. Furthermore, it goes beyond saying that (with the adequate recognition potential) Google search is much more accurate, seeing how the chance of slip is much lower than that of a typo. Finally, over 30 percent of all people who use voice search simply do so because it is much faster.

Voice Search Is Mobile Friendly

It isn’t a surprise that in 2017 smartphones are a predominant web browsing device. Even though phones as a trend are hitting off with all demographics, over 90 percent of all executives are currently using smartphones as tools for work. With this in mind, it is vital to point out just how mobile friendly voice search actually is. First of all, a lot of businesspeople are constantly on the move, so while driving a car or being on the go, the chances are they won’t have their hands free. Luckily, for voice search, you don’t have to type a thing, which makes it quite commute friendly. Moreover, everyone knows just how difficult (even frustrating) can typing on small devices be and voice search helps you skip this step in its entirety.

How Will Voice Search Impact SEO?

Another important question to ask is just how are these voice search improvements going to impact the world of SEO. Still, you need to keep in mind that SEO for B2B is much different than its B2C counterpart. The two main objectives of a B2B marketing strategy are to make a meaningful content and drive organic traffic. The key to this, however, lies in finding adequate long tail keywords – the ones that act as natural-language queries.

Determining your market is the most logical first step in this process according to Websites that sell SEO Brisbane based company. Once you have your target group singled out, you can easily work your way towards finding the right group related long tail keywords. The greatest difference between voice search and a regular Google inquiry lies in the fact that you need to focus on the conversational language exclusively.

Snippets Are More Important Than Ever
There is an interesting statistic which shows that about 33 percent of all Google searches go to the first result on the first page. By the time the search reaches page 2 it loses 95 percent of all its audience. Still, in the last few years, there has been a rapid growth in popularity of Google Snippets and Google Rich Answers. This is another thing that B2B marketers would have to keep in mind and constantly look for ways to optimize their snippets for a voice search as well. Here, the use of adequate keywords (something we already discussed) and the use of an original and content-relevant image are paramount.

As you can see, paying attention to voice search in 2017 should no longer be considered as optional. Due to the preference that company executives show in doing their work from their phone and on the move, it might become more practical for them to turn more and more to voice search in their queries. For a small aspiring business, this can be a potential breakthrough its management has been waiting for.