When marketing over the phone, it is important to know your customer and be immediately prepared to answer questions and be your customers’ trusted expert. You must also know what you are going to say before you place a call and use the right tools to get the job done. Preparation is essential to successful phone marketing.

Know Your Audience

Communicate with your potential customers in their language. It is important to know, when possible, the demographic of your phone leads. This may involve some Internet research on your part. Consider whether the majority of your leads are from one geographic location and do some research to determine what their main concerns might be.

Know Your Product

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to know what you are marketing. Once you get an interested lead on the line, you do not want him or her to lose interest based on your lack of knowledge. Make sure you know how to answer any questions that may arise. If you are new to this marketing organization, ask your co-workers what questions are commonly asked and be prepared to answer them before you make your calls!

Know Your Script

The most successful phone marketers speak candidly. This quickly earns potential customers’ trust. When it sounds as if you are reading from a script, customers sense that you are not passionate about your product. Most marketing organizations will provide a script. If you are not provided one, create it! Do not make calls without a clear definition of what you are going to say before-hand. Scripts should include an introduction, quickly get to why you are calling, and allow breaks to engage the customer in interactive communication (i.e., ask questions to get your lead talking).

Use the Right Technology

Reliable communications are imperative to successful phone marketing. If you own a marketing business, consider employing the services of a technology company to develop and implement a communications solution that will ensure your calls are not interrupted, alert you to incoming calls, provide teleconference options, etc. Select a company with a good reputation and a long-term history of providing communications solutions, such as Global CTI, voip providers in California. Telecommunications solutions can easily fail and can be costly to implement if you do not do your research and hire the right company.

There are numerous other over-the-phone marketing techniques – too numerous to mention in one article. Luckily, there is a multitude of information from credible sources available on the Internet. Good luck in your marketing endeavors and don’t forget to know your audience (talk in their language about what matters to them), get to know your product–even if you know it, get to know it better, know your script (be prepared), and implement the right communications tools.

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