Marketers have to work in a continuously changing environment. Computers have revolutionized almost every known industry over and over again. They are at it once more, and this time these miracle devices are transforming the business of marketing, infusing the art with a high dose of data-backed science. Here we learn why a modern marketer cannot simply ignore the role of technology. 

Marketing was always about creating the best ideas, and it will remain so in the near future as well. However, with technologies such as the web, customer relationship management systems, smartphones, and social media affecting modern marketing in innumerable ways there are a lot of new considerations to make while sitting at the table and planning your next marketing strategy for the millennial customer.

The customer is young, part of the millennial generation and driving the change towards new communication technologies. Keep in mind the needs and preferences of the young consumer; marketing managers must make themselves aware of all the latest technologies.  Here is a check list designed for the modern marketer to help him remain current with the rising technology and data’s interference in marketing.

Web Content Management System

Not so very long there used to be a separate CMS specialist for handling the website’s content. However, currently, it is an essential tool that every marketer should know how to operate. In the present day environment, where marketing and content are so intertwined with each other, and everything is, so time constrained being dependent on someone else for every basic function or update, just doesn’t work for marketers or IT.  As a marketer, you should choose a CMS which is easy to work with meets your present as well as future needs. Most marketers love WordPress for its simplicity, functionality, scalability, and flexibility. For more complex uses, companies prefer platforms like Drupal, Joomla and others.

Social Media

The importance of social media for marketing is no news. One cannot even begin to imagine what a social media platform with an audience of more than 1.9 billion can do for your brand or product.  A marketer must not only know how to generate brand awareness through social media but also be able to use them for attracting new avenues of revenue. Although Facebook or Youtube was not intended to become a marketing tool that they have become, we have realized by now that every comment, Facebook like, video or comment that we see the result of somebody’s social media marketing strategy.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM software and apps are meant to help manage enterprise customer relationships. Earlier CRM was intended for salespeople, and the IT department used to setup it for them.  However, marketing now focusing on ROI, the equation has changed. The best marketers always keep a tab about his existing customers in order to retain and win more like them. To understand the activities that drive top-of-funnel leads and converts them to customers, and their value in terms of money, marketing must be wired in the CRM system. Companies like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce are the ones leading this space. Salesforce is definitely one of the most popular CRM clients that today’s marketers swear by. Most new marketing jobs listed on online websites also list knowledge of CRM as one of the essential requirements.

Integrated Marketing

Owing to the presence of different marketing channels such as television networks, print titles, radio stations, the Internet marketers have to deal with the challenge of fragmentation. Fragmentation greatly reduces the attention span as well as the audience, thereby decreasing the ROI. Integrated marketing software or Marketing automation software comes to the rescue.

  Popular platforms like Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot are showing the strongest acceptance amongst modern marketers as per data by Q2 insights. The same research tells us that businesses that are using marketing automation experience a 451 percent increase in qualified leads. However, it’s no magic wand and like most other technologies it’s only as useful as you can make of it. Before you make a choice, ask for customer’s feedback to get a gist of the strengths and weaknesses and the kind of after sales support that the provider offers. 

Effective marketing automation or integrated marketing take time, effort, and resources to implement, but when implemented correctly, it can help companies bridge the gap between marketing and sales, helping each run more efficiently. 


Analytics help marketers evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives by measuring performance through vital business metrics likes of ROI, and overall marketing effectiveness. The next-gen marketer has to be well versed with at least a couple of analytics or more tools in order to be even remotely considered for employment at medium to senior level positions. As marketing organizations become more data driven, there is enhanced focus on marketing analytics. This also means that companies are now seeking marketers having data and analytics experience and skills. Most marketing firms stick to universally tried and tested tools like Google Analytics, while some resort to other specialized tools such as Omniture.

The first MarTech conference held in Boston in 2014 was all about how the role of CMTO or Chief Marketing Technology Officers is so critical and hard to fill.  Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy concluded that the best and most effective performances happen when humans work with technology and not against it. Most leaders had similar experiences to share. Thus, long story short, time is of the essence.  Learn new things, new tools, and technologies to grab the opportunity when it presents itself while you keep searching for the best jobs.

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