Choosing to be an accountant is a great career choice and also pays well. There are many accounting students out there as well as newly qualified accountants. There is so much to consider when it comes to working or pursuing further studies after graduation. The stress does not stop once you receive your degree. Figuring out what to do after is just a continuation of the stress you went through will studying. Here as some tips on what to do after graduation.

CPA Exam

There are many accountants who choose not to do the CPA exam or at least not for a while after graduating. My advice would be to do it as soon as possible. It does differentiate you from the rest and will open up more doors for you. Having an accounting degree is a great achievement, but completing your CPA is even better. While you are still in student mode, it might be a great idea to do the CPA, instead of waiting for a year or two. A lot of what you have learned is still fresh in your brain and can help you with your post-graduate studies.

Career Options

There are many careers available in the accounting world, but you need to remember that not all will take you to your end goal. Find the correct accountant resume format and apply at companies that interest you. You may not always win on your first try, but that is just normal. With that being said, it does not mean that you have to just randomly apply for any accounting position that is available. Have a list of companies you are willing to work at and watch the job ads like a hawk. Make sure you have all the required documents handy in order for you to apply quickly and efficiently. Competition is fierce, and if you wait too long, you might miss it.

Accountant Bio

Another great thing you can do to grow as an accountant is to have an accounting bio handy. There are many accounting bio examples online and might help you get started. Your bio needs to grab the attention of the employer and tell them how you are going to add value to the business. Write your bio in the third person as if you are telling someone else’s story. Be sure of what your client or employer needs and specify those in your bio. Focus on the points that you feel might be of interest to them. You want them to remember you after reading your bio so that they can come back to it after reading all the others.

Prepare for repetitiveness

I suppose you know by now that an accountant’s job is very repetitive. It will take you a while to get used to it, but many find it safe and secure. There are also others who get bored and find each day difficult. By emotionally preparing yourself for this, you might find it easier to cope. You are always going to do a journal, cashbooks, and month-end. This is just the way it works. If you are one of those that quickly become bored of doing the same thing day in and day out, you can always ask for new responsibilities. Perhaps you can help out the HR department or give advice on project planning. This might just keep you sane as an accountant.

Start at the bottom

When you are fresh out of graduate school and do not have much experience, you might have to start at the bottom. This does not mean that you will stay there but being employed as a junior accountant is not such a bad thing. As long as you are working at the company you want to grow with, you are basically in a very good place. We all have to start somewhere and work our way up the corporate ladder. Do your best and before you know it there will be steady growth. You may not be appointed as a senior accountant from the get go, but it rarely happens so do not feel too bad about it. It will come with time.


Accounting is still a good career and should not be taken for granted. You will have to work hard in school and after. Many say that accountants are boring, but it’s not true. You are a successful professional earning a good salary. That is not boring to me at all. Being an accountant is a steady and secure career option, and once you get your foot in the door, you are good. Do not be discouraged if you find it challenging to be employed in the beginning. You will find the right job, and you will love it. 

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