Perhaps you have noticed things slowing down at your workplace and seen a few people laid off. During economic hardship, a company must begin to consider the most effective ways to downsize its workforce. Days are gone when once you had a good job you would stick to it. Even with an employment contract, the employer could decide to terminate it tomorrow. Here are four ways you should be doing to secure your job:

Maintain high performance

The best way to secure your job is to maintain top-notch performance. Get your plans together and avoid inaccuracies. If you are required to attend a certain number of customers each day, attend more. Strive to exceed your target and goals. Do everything possible to exceed your target even if it is to report to work an hour early and leave an hour later. If a company decides to downsize its workforce, it will first get rid of underperforming employees and hang on to the high performers.

Have a Positive Attitude

No matter how discouraging a company is, remain positive. There is no company that wants to retain discouraged employees, especially during economic hardship. Such companies are looking for employees who are optimistic and driven towards its corporate goal. Again, learn to build relationships with teammates and supervisors as this maximizes your contribution. Build a reputation as someone who prioritizes on the company’s interests and goals.

Undertake Extra Responsibilities

Volunteering to take extra responsibilities broadens your skill. If an employee from another department quits and someone is needed to help cover certain tasks, you may step up and assist. Perhaps you may not be paid for undertaking extra responsibilities, but you make yourself more valuable by broadening your set of skills. As such, you will be spared when the company decides to lay off additional employees.

Monopolize a Skill

By developing deep insight and skill about a subject that matters to a company, you become an expert in a critical skill that matters to the company. That way your immediate value to the company increases significantly. Under differing business conditions, the sole graduate of a degree in BSN is less likely to be laid off than one of the many clinical nurses. Therefore, expand your set of skills so that when a task emerges, you are the only expert that can be called upon to complete it. With BSN online degree programs from WGU, you’ll be able to easily work and attend school.

Overall, everyone wants to safeguard their jobs. We live in a time where good jobs with a livable salary are hard to come by, don’t lose your position to someone who’s out there working hard to be the best in your field. By utilizing these tips, you’ll be able to obtain job security and rest more easily at night knowing you have a steady income to rely on.