New and Improved: 5 Things That Every Business Needs Today


new and improved business services and productsAs the progress of modern invention wears on, the different facets of society clamor to keep up. Businesses in particular feel a great need to upgrade in order to stay competitive in today’s markets. We’re not talking cat videos and mobile massagers here. We’re talking real, useful tools and technological improvements. These are five things that every business needs today.

Doxie One Scanner

The Doxie One Scanner gets rid of the cords and computer connectivity confusion accompanying most scanner-printer combo stations. Using an innovative design reliant on wifi and SD-card storage, the Doxie One is able to perform all the typical functions of a scanner combo machine and is compatible with PC, MAC, and iPad.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is here, and it’s the big thing of now and the future. Rather than handle the concerns of physical memory storage methods, cloud computing allows for all data to be stored in electronic form, online. This can save vast amounts of space in the office. It also draws the guarantees of secured storage otherwise not achieved via personal methods.

Business Scoreboards

In every newly formed business or start-up, there can be a vast array of individual factors and variables that can make or break you. Keeping track of all this information, then, going a step further, interpreting and using it correctly, is a monumental responsibility. Business Scoreboard is an analysis program developed to track such variables and provide the business operator a clear remedy for issues at hand.

This is real-time, computerized, business analysis. The program yields amazing results and continued praise. Even the “greenest” of entrepreneurs can become a business mogul with the help of Scoreboard service.

3D Printer

Until now, all printing simply consisted of the basic application of ink to paper. Now, 3D Printers are here. Using plastics, the 3D Printer will actually make solid, 3D objects. Manufacture items your office regularly needs and stop paying others to do it for you. Want to change the item’s design, shape, or size? Instruct the printer software accordingly, and you’re all set. Now, add that to your Business Scoreboard!

Microsoft Office 2013

If your business uses PCs, you have to get Office 2013. The so-far very best in the Office line, 2013 may well be the best word processor to date, period. The extremely intuitive and user-friendly setup is beyond anything of the past. Previous frustrations of Office are all gone. Find pictures online quickly for presentations, experience flawless spreadsheet management, take advantage of the cloud interface, and even put to use Office Telemetry – an awesome new tool for business integration.

These are five of today’s biggest must-haves for businesses. What is yours? Wait, maybe we shouldn’t ask.


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