I’ve been involved in web marketing for over a decade. And I’d be telling a bold faced lie if I were to say that it has always been easy. In fact and unfortunately, it has never been an easy ride. I say this because I have a lot of friends who hold this perception of me that I don’t do a whole lot of work.

The truth is, I do a lot of work. I just do it from places I enjoy doing it from (at home, while I travel, etc.).

I don’t mind that it requires hard work because if it didn’t, everyone would be doing it. If all you had to do was put up a website, or just finance some traffic, and you’d be a millionaire, well then, everyone would be casting a rod’s line for the same share of the pie. They’d be dumb not to do so.

What I wanted to write about today was one of the biggest obstacles a web business will face and how to overcome it. There are many obstacles to endure when it comes to making money on the Internet, but this one obstacle I feel is often swept under the rug.

That obstacle? How to expand.

No one person can humanely perform all the tasks necessary to expand the reach of a web business. Let’s look at a real-life example of what I am talking about.

Phase 1: Oh my, our business is rocking on Facebook! We get lots of shares! I buy Facebook traffic, and it works! Our Facebook headlines are rolling!

Phase 2: So now I shall conquer SEO while Facebook is running hot.

Phase 3: Oh no, I’m so busy! I’m working 12 hour days and rarely see my dog.

You can’t run like this. Anyone who has ever had success online can tell you that you can’t run like this because we’ve all tried. You eventually learn that your dog needs your love and maybe needs to go outside to the bathroom (you learn this the hard way).

The incentives to do everything ourselves are vast and well-documented. We feel better when we control the strategy and the efforts. We enjoy not paying out shares of our revenue to others. We are the smartest living breathing thing to ever walk through the doors of a Starbucks.

But the reality is a cold bitter and sometimes sour pill to take down our human pipes. Once we over-commit ourselves, the chaos leads to business decay. Suddenly, we are reading SEO articles for hours attempting to learn this guy’s favorite strategy. And then more hours are drained because this girl over here, she does it all differently. Then there is the management of the items that at first, seemed easy. “I will manage my own backlinks now that I understand how to get them!” Good luck. Try managing 100’s of backlinks all by your lonesome. All while that poor mutt of yours christens the rug with a radioactive fluid.

But wait, won’t an SEO company scam me?

The answer is….wait for it….maybe. They certainly could. This is why you turn to legit SEO companies that have a reputation for client satisfaction. And this is always why you vet them. Allow me to give you a few tips.

If a company promises the moon on a shoestring budget, you’re getting ripped off. You might spend only $200, but it is $200 wasted; that, I promise.

If a company promises that they have an “in” with Google, run for the hills. Google speaks nothing of how their algorithm works. Google only works with Google. No one has an “in” with them.

If a company guarantees search results spots, it isn’t likely true. A good SEO company will do their best to get your product into the correct listings, but nothing is ever a guarantee when it comes to Google. The best you can do is trust that they make the effort to signal your content’s relevance to Google and that over time, you end up in those financially beneficial spots.

In the end, you are going to need help. Sometimes it is easier to look for help than it is to learn a lot of new skills which you don’t have time to deploy. At the same time, don’t sit with all your eggs in one basket. If Facebook makes one change, your business could be dramatically harmed. And that’s happened before.