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Outdoor Advertising for Small Businesses


Unlike large corporations, small businesses do not have a nearly unlimited advertising budget. Due to the fact that their ad budgets are smaller, small businesses must spend wisely and carefully to ensure they get the most bang for their buck with any advertising. One medium that offers a number of viable options for small businesses is outdoor advertising.

As mentioned above, outdoor advertising presents a wide variety of options for small businesses to choose from. However, not all of these options are ideal for small businesses and it is important to pursue the correct strategy and make the appropriate ad buys.

Think Local

The first thing to keep in mind as a small business when considering how to spend your money on outdoor advertising is to think local. As a small business, the vast majority of your target market and potential customers are local. As such, this is where you should be focusing your marketing efforts and it is no different with outdoor advertising. One of the major strengths of outdoor advertising is the ability to reach a proportionately large audience with each individual ad. This strength can be magnified by concentrating on local events such as sporting events, parades, concerts, etc. These local events draw large crowds which provide you with more value for each ad you purchase.

Along with targeting local events, there are some other more conventional areas to spend your money. Busses and bus stop areas provide some prime opportunities for small businesses. You can advertise on busses with a specific route that is in close proximity to your business to drive foot traffic to your building. By purchasing space at the surrounding bust stop/benches you can reinforce your message and be present in the minds of potential customers near your business.

Don’t Underestimate Traditional Billboards

While alternative outdoor advertising options offer some unique and powerful opportunities for small businesses, the value of traditional billboards should not be overlooked. Due to their size and depending on the location, billboards can potentially be more costly than some of the other choices listed in this article. However, the effectiveness of the classic billboard cannot be denied and there is reason that billboards have been around since as early as the 1800’s and continue to be used today.

With that being said it is still important to keep two things in mind when purchasing billboard space. First, you must make sure the message you put on the billboard is appropriate for use on a billboard. Billboards are ideal for bold and concise messages with simple layouts, as typically they will be on a roadside where the audience only has a brief period of time to absorb the message.

The other thing to keep in mind when deciding to buy billboard space for your small business is the location of the billboard. This is very important as it will determine the size of audience you reach and the number of impressions your billboard will make. Ideally, you want to place your billboard in a high-traffic area, but these locations tend to cost more so you will need to balance cost against quality of location to determine which spot is right for your particular situation. It is also necessary to inspect all the possible viewing angles and how easily your ad will be seen from them before you make the final decision to buy space at a given location.

Focusing locally and taking advantage of large local gatherings are good places to start when considering outdoor advertising as a small business. Combine these with some well-placed, quality billboards to round out your outdoor advertising campaign and you will be getting the best value for the money you spend. Not every aspect or method of outdoor advertising will be useful to a small business, but hopefully by implementing some of the ideas listed here your small business can develop an effective and successful outdoor advertising strategy that gives you the most value for every dollar you spend.

Darren Leach is an outdoor advertising specialist and media planner. When he’s not writing about billboard marketing, he enjoys batting cleanup on his local adult slow-pitch softball team.

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