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Personal development training whether in a specific subject or in a broader context can bring great benefits to the individual as well as the company they work for. But is it really worth the investment? We think so.

Benefits to Business

For many businesses return on investment is high on their agenda when considering personal development training. And the benefits to the business must out way the costs. So what exactly can training your staff do for you?

  • Improved skills means that staff’s productivity will increase and so will their quality of work. That means a better job in a quicker time and your business goals will be met.
  • By investing in personal training you are investing in your staff and effectively telling them that they will be sticking around for some time. As a result this will make your staff feel valued and more motivated.
  • If employees feel valued your staff turnover and absenteeism should drop considerably.
  • With happier and more productive staff the effect is likely to wear off on your clients or customers. And happy buyers often mean return custom. So more money!
  • Well trained staff will give your business a competitive advantage over rival businesses.
  • By training your staff using an external body less of your senior employees’ time is spent with new staff or trainees. Allowing them to concentrate on other important issues.
  • Highly trained staff with certification looks good for the company’s brand image.

Benefits to the Individual

Although the business is likely to be paying for the personal development training the individual will want to see that the training is worth their time away from work. Some of the benefits for the employee include:

  • Personal development training is a great way of keeping yourself motivated.
  • It can also help you to clearly define the kind of work you would like to do in the future. Creating a direction for your career path.
  • Business training will help you to grow in confidence and be more decisive with any choices you make.
  • This confidence can also be reflected in your skills and attributes.
  • Business and personal development training certification looks great on a CV and can improve your chances of progressing within a business or if you decide to look for a job elsewhere.
  • This training will improve your communication, problem solving and planning skills. This can be utilised when discussing personal and business goals or objectives with seniority.
  • Training will help an individual understand which way they work or learn best. This can then be transferred into their everyday life and work.

Do you now agree that personal development business training is worth the investment?

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