Businesses are often under the burden of doing some type of structural remodeling of an office or new location. You might be trying to increase the size of the workplace, fix pre-existing structural problems with your company’s building or simply want to give your establishment a whole new look and feel. Whatever the reason, the potential for an increase in workplace-related injuries is an inevitable problem that a lot of businesses are forced to confront along the way. The following are a few ideas to consider to help you prevent your employees from getting harmed during your company’s remodeling efforts.


Since a lot of business is done online today, it is often possible for a business owner to get the same level of productivity out of employees who are allowed to telecommute during a major remodeling project. The fewer employees needing to access your company’s premises during a remodel, the less opportunity exists for injured.

Making Areas Off Limits to Employees

It only stands to reason that your employees do not need to be in sections of your company’s building when structural remodeling work is taking place in said sections of the building. By using tape or barriers to block access to sections undergoing major construction, this will tend to prevent employees from being put in situations where they could become the victims of dropped tools or other falling debris. It is an employer’s responsibility to properly mark off areas and restrict access when a remodeling effort involves such problems as the removal of asbestos or other toxic substances that could be harmful to an employee.

Temporary Relocation

If your business owns multiple buildings in which it can house its daily operations, it may be smart to temporarily move your employees into one of these other buildings until your remodel is completed. This will protect the entire employee body from the dangers of weak construction or other unforeseen hazards around the construction site.

Closing the Company Building

If your remodeling is a relatively easy project that will take a reasonably short amount of time, it may be best to simply close the building down and restrict all access to employees during the remodeling effort. Giving your employees paid leave time to help things progress more smoothly may help to encourage your employees to go along with the idea without much resistance.

Wearing Safety Gear

If it is necessary for your employees to be on site during a remodel project, then it would be most prudent to require your employees to wear suitable protective gear while on the premises. Hard hats, steel-toed shoes, and other protective gear will help to decrease the frequency at which employees will encounter an injury.


During a remodeling of your company’s building, there is an increase in injury potential. For this reason, it is necessary that all employees on site follow all guidelines put in place for their safety and well-being. Their failure to comply could lead to serious injury on the job and create numerous unwanted legal and insurance problems for your company. You might consider contacting an attorney at a firm like Knafo Law Offices if you have an employee injury lawsuit on your hands.