Problems We May Face with Apples iOS9

Many people are eager to known when will the public beta version of iOS 9 launch come out. Others are wondering whether they will be able to run iOS 9 on their iPad and iPhones. The iOS 9 release has been confirmed for the coming few weeks. While you may be tempted to download and install the public better version of iOS 9 ahead of its release, there are some reasons why you should be worried about this new mobile operating system. Read on to find out some of the problems that you may face with Apple’s iOS 9.

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May disable your iOS 8 Jailbreak permanently

If you have Apple’s iOS 8 jailbreak installed in your phone or tablet, downloading and installing Apple’s new iOS 9 beta may lose this important feature. If at one point you decide to revert back to iOS 8, an iOS 8 jailbreak may fail to work again on your device. Apple might later release an iOS 9 jailbreak version for iOS 9 beta users, but it is not clear when will this happen or maybe in years to come. It is, therefore, advisable to wait and see whether developers will deal with this issue ahead of iOS 9 launch.

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Don’t attempt if you have one device

If you have only one iPad or iPhone in your possession, don’t attempt to download and install this new mobile operating system from Apple. The public version of iOS 9 has a ‘beta’ tag for a reason. This software is yet to undergo fully testing to find out its compatibility with most drivers. So it has a potential of disabling or interfering with your phone or tablet more especially if you one device in your possession. However, if you have multiple devices, and you care less about the potential risks, you are in a better position but still there are other reasons you may not want the iOS 9 beta. For instance, if you are using apple software for important things such as business security you will not want to upgrade your entire system, doing so could shut down all of your ip camera hosting. We do not recommend using beta versions of operating systems for any computers running business programs.

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iOS 9 Beta has potential of interfering with your apps

As stated earlier, iOS beta is in the testing stage. So attempting to download and install the software ahead of its public release is not a wise idea because it may interfere with your apps. This is the reason why Apple first released the operating system to the developers ahead of the public release. If you install the iOS 9 beta, there are chances that some of your premium apps may crash or disable permanently. Looking at the earlier versions of Apple’s iOS betas, you will realize that people are still many complaints about their ability to break third-party applications.

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Potential iOS 9 Beta bugs and virus threats

Apple released iOS 9 Beta to the developers to try and solve some bugs and virus threats they might have encountered. Apple wants the developers to find solutions to these problems ahead of its launch. If you install this operating system now, your phone is likely to get infected with these bugs and potential virus. Beta updates allow users to test the new features of iOS versions. In the past, users have experienced problems related to device instability, issues with cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, during testing. So it is advised to wait for the launch date before trying this new version of Apple’s IOS.

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iOS 9 might be worth it

Of course, this new operating system may come with handy features, but full comparison and analysis of these features with previous Apple’s IOS versions may not be worth the trouble that iOS beta updates bring. So, you need to dig into the iOS update’s features and decide if they are worth the downloading and installing hassle.


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