Data is everything in this digital age. Stored information including passwords, usernames, personal details, and contacts are sensitive details that should be kept away from the filthy claws of people who don’t mean well for your organization. According to statistics posted in Small Biz Trend, cyber security attacks targeted small companies, 60 percent of which closed down six months after the attack. Luckily, there are methods and strategies you can implement to encrypt your data and save your organization from loss, total system breakdown, or even embarrassment.

Protect Data From Within

Data risk is not just about cyber-attacks and malicious hackers anymore. Companies now have to take note of another form of threat from within. Businesses must learn how to control the accessing and flow of data within the organization. Employees and business partners must be made to be aware of the imminent danger of data breach when they are accessing their devices and accounts. A data breach can also occur due to loss of a laptop, smartphone, and backup tapes containing data that is unencrypted. To ensure protection from internal security threats, companies must ensure minimum necessary access to information. They should also monitor employee activities, provide adequate governance of information security programs, and develop specific procedures for handling sensitive information.

Encrypt Everything

Encryption technology has been developed for the sole purpose of protecting data against unauthorized access. Take advantage of the best and latest encryption technology available in the market. Invest in security and keep all your protection programs up to date. Encryption ensures that your company data maintains its integrity, provides security, protects data across all devices and platforms, and helps you meet security regulations. You can test out the waters by using open source, cross-platform encryption software that’s completely free of charge. As your company grows, however, you’ll need to move to an encryption provider to accommodate the rising size of data collected.

Install Security and Firewall Applications

Installing a web application firewall is one of the best things you can ever do to protect your company’s data. These applications stand in the way of data connection and web server, reading every bit of information passing through. Modern firewall is cloud based, and they are automatically empowered to detect and eliminate cyber security threats, thereby providing rest of mind and adequate data security. They also prevent web data leakage, perform deep packet inspection, and responds to a signature for known application vulnerabilities. Installing security applications can also be helpful in providing an additional level of protection by hiding the identity of your website CMS.

Frequent Backup

In case everything gets out of hand, make sure you back up, both on-site and off-site. Backing up company data ensure that even when there is a security breach, you still have versions of it in different places from which you can retrieve. It would be a total disaster for a company to lose all its data needed for running the day to day activities of the business. Backing up your data gives your business higher reliability, easy setup, reduced workloads, greater security, and saves your company a whole lot of money from having to redo everything from scratch.

Companies must take security issues seriously by investing heavily in security gadgets and ensuring they are regularly updated. Back up every day using remote backup companies that offer a cheaper and more reliable option for protecting your valuable data. Provide training for employees and business partners on how to protect against security breaches and to keep their mobile devices encrypted at all times.