Without a doubt, Instagram is a great platform to advertise your business. It allows you to reach out to a lot of people. It is also a friendlier environment compared with other social media platforms. This makes business owners feel convinced that having more Instagram followers is a good thing.

Instagram accounts that have lots of followers easily acquire more followers. It snowballs easily. It also increases the credibility of the account. This is why it is easier for some business owners to feel tempted to buy Instagram followers. They want to spread the idea that they are a credible business and a lot of people are following them.

Although purchasing Instagram followers won’t cost a lot of money, it can still be detrimental in the end. Here are some reasons why it is against the best interest of your company to buy fake Instagram accounts.

They are inactive followers

Accounts become naturally popular not only because of the high number of followers. It also has something to do with the kind of activities that are taking place. If the photos posted receive lots of likes or comments, this makes the account more popular and credible. As these accounts are unreal, you can’t expect comments and likes to flood as well. The accounts are just there for numbers, and they won’t do anything to boost your popularity. This also does nothing to build your company and its reputation in the long run.

Your posts will be less likely to appear in feeds

If you have a lot of fake followers, this will affect the visibility of your post. When people open their Instagram account, they won’t see what you have posted as it will be buried deep down. This hurts your real followers.

They might forget about your business eventually. You need to increase engagement to also improve the visibility of the posts.

You will be attacked by spam

Your account is now filled with bogus accounts with fake followers. This makes it more susceptible to spam. There are more spammers that will be encouraged to use your platform. This ultimately erases your credibility. Your chance to define your genuine customers will also be affected. Once people see that your account is filled with spam, they will go away.

The impact could be reversed

Yes, it is true that people are particular of the number of followers before they decide to follow it. However, this could backfire if they start clicking each account and realizing that they are fake followers. They will most likely unfollow you. They may even spread the word, and this could impact the credibility of your business as a whole.

This is a violation of the terms and conditions

Technically, you are not allowed to buy followers. This is against the terms of service posted by Instagram. They know that fake followers could have a significant impact on the social media platform as a whole. Once you are caught to be in violation of the rules, you would run the risk of having your account deactivated or deleted.

Another possibility is that Instagram keeps on inspecting bogus accounts. They have a way of determining if an account is active or not. If they find out that an account is fake, they will surely have it deleted. Before you know it, all the accounts that you have bought are already gone. This is a total waste of an investment.

These followers are not real customers

When you have a social media account, you want to use it as a platform to advertise your business. Of course, the first people to see what you have posted are only those who have followed you. They might end up liking the post, leaving comments or sharing the post using other platforms.

None of this happens when you just bought the followers. They will not be your buyers. They cannot help spread the word as well. They won’t help in any way in making your company more popular. It is like talking to a big room that is empty. You can say whatever you want, but no one hears you.

What you need to do

Now that you have realized just how damaging it is for you to buy followers on Instagram, the best way to move forward is to just organically increase the number. Find a way to post more information and reach out to as many people as possible. Be more active and engaged. Don’t just post updates but also leave comments and respond to messages. Encourage people to follow you. Use other social media platforms. Prioritize your friends and family members. Ask them to spread the word as well.

It also helps to follow other huge companies. They might follow you back, and this increases the chances of their followers also following you. The key is just to be patient. You can’t expect the numbers to blow up overnight. There are ways in which the number of followers increases organically. It is up to you on how much work you put into your social media efforts to increase your popularity.

Evaluate your strategies and make the necessary changes to see positive results. You should also expand your social media and online advertising strategies so you won’t have to stick with just one platform to advertise online. This is like using signage to help people locate your business. It helps if you have one outside your business establishment, but you can also post signs in other places. This would allow more people to know where you are located. They can even follow the signs leading to your place.

In the end, there are several ways to make your presence known online using social media. There are also shortcuts. However, just like everything else in life, nothing happens in a blink of an eye. You need to work really hard to see the results that you desire. You need to go through a long process no matter how difficult it is just to get organic followers.

About the Author:
A Nashville business consultant, Jason Guevarra knows what it takes to get your brand noticed. Working with Nashville Sign Company, he assists his clients with design, usage, and placement of eye-catching signs, graphics, and displays. He designs complete business marketing packages to ensure you get maximum visibility while delivering the best possible customer experience. When off the clock, Jason enjoys spending time at his family farm.