A crucial issue facing employers of all types is workplace safety. During any given year, approximately four to five million people are injured in workplace accidents. A key step to protecting workers, in all environments, is developing set safety standards. Of course, the nature and extent of these standards depend upon the industry and type of workplace in which they are being instituted. Nonetheless, there exist a number of different types of worker safety standards and protocols any business should contemplate implementing. 

Written Hazard Communication Program

No matter the nature of the work environment, there will be potential hazards of some type present. A written hazard communication program must be in place. The hazard communication must be made available directly to employees. In addition, even if not requires by law or regulation, a listing of potential hazards should be posted in conspicuous locations in the workplace. When suitable, an explanation should also be included as to what must be done if an employee is exposed to a hazard. The communication should set forth where emergency resources can be found onsite in the event of an exposure to something hazardous.

Regular Safety Training 

A workplace standard should include regular, comprehensive safety training. This needs to include recurring training on everything from proper facility evacuation protocols to avoiding and addressing when necessary, different types of workplace injuries which may be more apt to occur in a particular environment. Be sure everyone has been trained and update this training every year. Simply going over the fire and emergency exits can be a good plan even for small businesses. 

Substance-Free Work Environment

A necessary safety standard in a workplace is keeping the environment substance free. In other words, a clear, written standard must be put in place prohibiting employees from entering into the workplace when under the influence of any mind-altering substance. Impairment and intoxication threaten the safety not only of the person using but also of other individuals in the workplace. Some industries might require drug tests, but this may not be necessary for every business.

Safety Monitor of Captain

Another standard to implement in any workplace is the designation of an individual to serve as the safety monitor or captain. Depending on the nature of the work environment, more than one individual may be needed to fill this role. This person serves as the key contact for issues related to workplace safety. This could even be as simple as an HR department for smaller companies.

Along with the safety standard above, be sure to review if your workplace is up to OSHA standards. When hiring and firing, be sure to also do an online background check and arrest records check. This can help you hire better and will keep your safety standards up to snuff. You can do this with a third party or even online, since you can now find anyone with CheckPeople.com and other sites. Stay safe, and keep your employees safe. These and other steps can help protect your company from whatever might be thrown at it.

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