As entrepreneurs, we have the opportunity for unlimited income. But when sales go soft, the comfort of a steady paycheck can seem awfully attractive. And what happens when a red month turns into a red quarter? The future success of your business can all of a sudden seem in peril. […]


Are you in the middle of a lean sales period? There are lots of things we can do as entrepreneurs and small business owners (discloure: Apex for Life Affiliate) to take the sting out of slow sales. Sunday Steinkirchner outlines great tips for those lean times.

  • Reduce: expenses, prices
  • Tighten up: advertising (that doesn’t mean tighten the budget; it means tighten the focus on the most productive channels)
  • Increase: outreach to customers and time spent actually selling

Don’t discount the tried and true sales tactics like cold calling, email prospecting, and voice mail campaigns. It’s “easier” to push out a few social media messages, but the hard work of prospecting the “old fashioned way” can definitely pay off.