Happy employees are productive employees. There is no shortage of research and evidence that conclusively shows this to be true. Unfortunately, too many employers think that they will save money by skimping on employee perks. Meanwhile, companies that look after their workers best inevitably find that their bottom line benefits in the long run. Satisfied employees are invariably prepared to work harder for longer, will present a positive face to prospective clients and a willingness to go the extra mile to repay their company’s generosity. So, what are the best ways to keep morale and output high? Let’s look at a few sure-fire ways to make this happen:


The Gift of Giving

Ever heard someone say they hate receiving gifts? Me neither. Providing your employees with small gifts on holidays, birthdays, achievement of KPIs or just because things are going well really shows that you care about and appreciate their efforts. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Eco-friendly reusable coffee cups for their daily dose of java, branded apparel so they can show their company pride, a bottle of wine or food hamper to appeal to their taste buds, there is no shortage of ideas that will make an impact but don’t cost the earth.

Get Their Measure

Many successful companies spend a great deal of time and effort regularly measuring employee satisfaction and looking at areas in which they can improve. There is no shortage of tools that you can use to survey your employees to get the feedback that you can use to improve your employer EQ. It has been shown that even the simple fact that employees know that their employee is taking the time to hear their feedback can, in and of itself, help to lift morale.

Empower Rangers

Few things are less welcome in the workplace than micro management. Sure, if an employee is not pulling their weight they might need a little extra scrutiny. As a rule, employees respond to the expectations set for them. If your management style communicates that you don’t believe that they can work efficiently without constant observation, inevitably they will slack off. Empower your employees with the knowledge that you trust and believe in them, and they will just as surely rise to the occasion.

Mission Recognition

One of the simplest things that you can do to make employees feel appreciated is to recognize when they perform well. It can be as basic as praising them verbally or acknowledging their wins in group meetings. Alternatively, an employee of the week or month awards is another easy way to draw attention to what is going right. However, you choose to do it, that little adrenaline rush that occurs when someone feels that their efforts have been rewarded with success and recognition can contribute to a continued desire to strive for greater achievement.

Girls (and guys) Just Wanna Have Fun

Creating a fun atmosphere in the workplace is a great way to ensure that your staff wants to come into work every day. It could be the proverbial ping-pong or foosball table to offer a way to blow off steam, bringing in a masseuse once a week, or simply heading out for a drink on a Friday afternoon. Whatever the case, offering ways for staff to enjoy themselves with their colleagues either inside or outside the workplace can help to foster a great team environment.

Try experimenting with these and other ideas to bring new energy and positive spirit to your workplace and experience the returns that accrue when you invest in the happiness of your people.