Seven Tips For Dressing Business Casual


business casualMany employers allow their workers to dress business casual if they are not with clients or are trying to project a fun brand to clients. However, what is business casual, and how do you know if you are dressing too casually?

1) Clothes Should Look Presentable

Your clothes should look fashionable yet presentable. Business casual includes the word “business.” This means that your raggity t-shirt or torn shirts are still not work appropriate. A nice sweater or blazer are go to items for business casual. If you aren’t sure what to pair your blazer with you can get ideas from reem clothing.

2) Good Grooming Is A Must

Before you come to work, make sure that your hair is combed, any facial hair is trimmed neatly and your nails are cut to an acceptable length. For the women, if you choose to paint your nails, avoid bright or dark colors. Stick with nude colors or clear polish. Taking a bath or shower before work should be a must as well. Don’t forget to use deodorant and mouth wash. You want to stay fresh throughout the day as you communicate in small meeting rooms with important contacts.

3) Don’t Dress Top Sexually

Strive to make sure that you are covered in all appropriate areas. Dressing in a provocative manner is unprofessional and cheapens yourself at the same time. This means you’ll want to avoid any slacks that are too tight as you don’t want to emphasize any one part of your body. 

4) Wear Company Issued Accessories When Appropriate

You may consider wearing a tie or other accessories that have your company logo on them. This is a good way to mix fashion with brand exposure for your business while you are working. Your boss will appreciate you making an effort to fit in with the work environment and also increase brand awareness at the same time.

5) Don’t Put On Too Much Cologne Or Perfume

It isn’t polite to drown your colleagues in the aroma that is your perfume or cologne. While a musky scent may seem nice to you, others may not be able to handle it or could be allergic to what you are wearing. If you aren’t sure how to properly apply a small amount of cologne, skip it! Many people are sensitive to the scents of cologne and you don’t want your scent to be a distraction during an important business meeting.

6) Wear Closed Shoes

Sandals and other footwear that exposes your feet should never be worn at the office. You could expose yourself to germs and other viruses on the office floor. Additionally, your colleagues don’t want to see your feet all day. Although peep toe shoes are a popular style for women today, these are best saved for an evening out. 

7) Use Common Sense Whenever You Are In Doubt

If you question whether or not you are dressing in a business casual way, you may want to change into something else. All you need to look good at work is take a shower, put on deodorant and wear something that presents you as a professional. Anything above that could be seen as too flashy or unbecoming of what your employer expects from you. It’s better to be over dressed than under dressed.

Business causal attire makes it easier to work because you tend to be more comfortable. However, there is a line between business casual and what you would wear around the house on a Saturday afternoon. Make sure that you are staying on the right side of that line at all times.

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