A long time ago the employees who were trained on safety and security to travel by their companies were employed in what were considered “high risk” employment sectors. There was also the matter of areas considered dangerous too. Examples of risky industries that sent people to travel for business were construction, mining, manufacturing, drilling, and defense contracting. Taking a business trip for construction may not seem like a big deal, but these trips were made to war zones like Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan, and they were often made on the road. Times have changed, though, and there are certain areas in the western world many might find just as dangerous given the unprecedented number of terror attacks, increase in rapes, and rising violent crime numbers like in Chicago. Here are six business trip dangers to keep in mind while traveling.

Petty, Non-Violent Crime

Hopefully, you never have to deal with a broken-down car in the United States or Europe. Europe is especially known for targeting older and female travelers for a variety of scams, pick pocketing, and general mugging. In Europe, places like Madrid, Rome and the Vatican top the charts for scams. Be sure to have employees ready to have a repair service called if this happens.

Traffic Accidents

Whether you are driving yourself, in a taxi, or a corporate car, there is a pronounced risk of a traffic accident away from home on business. This may be due to being unfamiliar, or it could all depend on where you are. For example, according to the World Health Organization China has more car-related fatalities than the entire continent of Africa. An auto accident attorney in Denver at Bachus & Schanker Law recommend driving yourself only if you are familiar with the area.

Food Poisoning

Eating gas station food and fast food while on the road for a business trip has proven to be a health risk. It is usually due to unhygienic preparation. There were 582 million cases of food-related illnesses globally in 2010, according to the World Health Organization.

Violent Crime

Armed robbery, murder, and rape are always a risk for business travelers, especially if they are going to violent cities in the United States. Highways being blocked off over any little thing is a recipe for disaster, and there have been incidents of attacks on motorists trying to get through illegal highway protests.

Blood Clots

Traveling often in cars for extended periods of time are a recipe for blood clots. In 2003, there was a study done on people in New Zealand who regularly travel for more than four hours at a time. The study revealed they are three times more likely to develop blood clots in their appendages. Sitting for long periods also lead to chronic pain, spasms, and muscle stiffness. These symptoms can worsen or lead to other health problems.

There are a variety of dangers awaiting you on business trips, especially if you take them frequently, so you need to take the advice of your boss and employee guidelines when traveling. Also, take the proper precautions when traveling to a city with a declining reputation by being mindful of your surroundings and taking whatever self-defense precautions you feel comfortable with even if it is a rape whistle or gun.