Six Rewarding Jobs Where you Can Help a Child Grow


There are many occupational opportunities that allow those with a passion for working with children to thrive professionally. If you love children and have always wanted to have a fulfilling job making a difference in a child’s life, here are six career paths to consider.

Elementary school teacher

Children that grade school teachers work with are so young, so their teachers play a fundamental role in their development. They help children grow by being sensitive to each student’s needs, developing one-on-one relationships, and introducing them to the value of learning in creative ways. A bachelor’s degree is required to become an elementary school teacher, but the job market for teachers in generally good.

Behavior Specialist

Behavior specialists work with children to modify and improve undesirable behaviors. They come up with treatment plans based on applied behavioral analysis and get rid of problematic behavior. They generally work with children who may have some type of emotional or learning disability. Behavioral specialists require at least a master’s degree in psychology or a related field and a behavior specialist certification in order to work.

Child psychologist

Child psychologists study the social, emotional, and mental development of children from prenatal development to adolescent years. Child psychologists may choose to work with toddlers, children or teens. The concentration of their work is on helping children and parents understand and treat issues related to emotional and cognitive health. Child psychologists require a master’s degree to practice.

Speech language pathologist

Speech language pathologists help people with speech impediments learn to enunciate, fix stutters, and understand language. The work environments and choice of clientele for individuals in this profession are plentiful, but many work with children in schools to instill proper language habits. A master’s degree is required to work as a speech language pathologist.


For those who want to impart a love of reading to children, working as a librarian is a very rewarding job. Librarians have knowledge of all sections in a library. They sort and prepare new books, and coordinate storytelling sessions and book discussions to get children excited about reading. A master’s degree in library science is necessary for most librarian positions, however many just require library experience. If you are interested in this field, but don’t have the required education, you can start out as an assistant or volunteer at the library.


Pediatricians specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries affecting children. Many pediatricians treat the same patients from infantry to adulthood. Others may specialize in specific age groups or medical conditions that affect children. Pediatricians go through college, medical school, and a three year residency or internship before they’re able to practice. If you love children and the medical field, but don’t think actually being a doctor is for you, you can always go into nursing and work in pediatrics as well.

As the saying goes, children are our future. If you have a love of children and a passion for helping them grow and develop, there are many career options available to you. Whether you are interested in a n advanced education or not, there is something for everyone in this field.

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