If you run a business, you are probably used to monitoring every cost that passes through the company’s books. While you constantly look for ways to increase your revenue, you should also be focusing on the expenses you can cut that would put more money on your bottom line. While some expenses will be necessary, others can be cut completely or at least cut down on a little.


Most businesses take on insurance to cover either regulatory needs or for specific projects without ever really looking to see what they are paying for. If you have cut back on the number of employees in the past few months, then you are probably paying too much for worker’s compensation insurance. If you have gotten away from projects with certain risks, then you can cut back on your liability insurance premiums. You can have a risk management expert review your insurance policies and find a lot of ways to cut out unnecessary spending.

Travel Costs

These days, most companies are happy to conduct meetings through a video conferencing channel online as opposed to meeting face-to-face. If you review your travel expenses, you will find a lot of ways to reduce those costs by utilizing the power and reach of the internet.

Anything That Is Not Part of Your Core Business

If you run a company that manufacturers shoes, then why are you still paying to support a payroll department? Activities such as payroll, IT support, marketing, healthcare records, and accounts receivable can all be outsourced to professional organizations for a lot cheaper than it costs to do in-house. If you are wondering how your competition is able to afford fancy new equipment, you will probably find they are outsourcing non-core business activities and investing those savings back into their company.

Computer Networking

The cloud has advanced to the point where you can find providers that have extremely good security and a wide variety of services. With a cloud service, you no longer need to invest in hardware, software, IT support techs, and miles of cabling. If you are still paying to support and upgrade a standard workstation-server network, you are wasting your money.

Full Invoicing Prices

If you read your invoices, you will see that most of your vendors probably offer a small discount of anywhere from one to three percent to customers that pay their invoices early. That is easy money your company should be cashing in on every month.

Office Space

Do you really need to pay for office space for all your employees, or can some of your employees be just as effective working from home? You should use telecommuting as your solution to paying for unwanted and unneeded office space. Save on space by combining workspaces as well.

Running a business is easier when you take the time to make it more financially efficient. By cutting out several unnecessary costs, you can start putting more profit on your business’ bottom line.

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