Small Businesses Making Big With Self Storage Inventive Uses


Small businesses are often afflicted with shortage of resources. Being a small business entrepreneur you would always be on a hunt for novel and effective ideas to make the most of your limited resources.

Lately, self storage services have emerged as a huge aid for small businesses when it comes to offering cost-effective business storage solutions. What you need to realize is that business self storage has much more potential than offering mere resolution of space shortage and storage of your possessions.

Superior services and facilities

In the recent years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of companies providing self storage services especially with the penetration of numerous commercial and home removals London players in the storage market. In the wake of this rising competition, both the existing and the emergent members have developed a wide array of customer friendly services to attract customers and are more eager than ever before to reach out to their customers and offer best of the services in the market.

Maximize the value for your money

Capitalize on the enhanced services of a self storage facility by embracing some of the following inventive usage methods.

Back office

You can create an alternate back office by using a self storage unit as a distribution hub. Order for your deliveries to be directly sent to your storage unit and at the same time you can dispatch your orders from the same. All you need to do is to maintain a sound system of coordination and organization.

Small business office

If the nature of your business does not require a regular usage of an office space then you can make a storage unit your temporary small business office by availing the various business services being offered by a self storage facility with the likes of separate meeting rooms, mail box, internet connection, fax and copy provisions.

Bulk order purchases

Avail the heavy discounts that are offered on the purchase of stock in bulk. Hire a storage unit for a secure storage at competitive rates rather than blocking your investment in purchase and maintenance of expensive commercial property.

Better document storage and organization

Self storage facilities provide specialized services for the utmost security and preservation of your important business documents. The amiable and competent staff will help you out on each step to properly organize and store the documents in customized drawers and racks.

Building up seasonal stock

You can build up your seasonal stock without worrying about making provisions for the storage and security of the stock by simply hiring an appropriate self storage unit. You can easily switch between the storage units of different sizes as per your requirement that would change with the production or consumption of your seasonal stock.

Tax advantages

In case you are a freelancer or a home-based entrepreneur and avail storage services then your storage expenses might qualify for tax deductions from your federal income. Consult your accountant for further rules and regulations.Numerous businesses with the likes of various e-commerce online ventures have been started with the help of self storage facilities for they have saved them from making huge investments in expensive real estate. Self storage services help in resolving your requisite business amenities to a great extent. This facilitates you to focus on the core areas of your small business and tread the path of growth and success.

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