Many small businesses want to make real money, but the problem is that their marketing technique isn’t useful. In fact, too many small enterprises fail to succeed because of the failure to embrace the concept of digital marketing. Many still depend on traditional marketing, to say the least. The truth is you can only achieve your goals if you do one thing: forget the old strategies and embrace the new. The problem with traditional promotion is ineffectiveness. With hundreds of thousands of people turning online for even the simplest answers to life’s questions, it comes out clear that indeed the internet is the next big thing.

We know for a fact that marketing is important. It’s what communicates the message about your brand to the target market. Sales and marketing will help you exposure consumers to your product, win the attention of the potential customer, close sales deals and take your enterprise to the next level. At this point, though, you might think that any marketing strategy will work. Many business executives fool themselves into believing that as long as they have the right product that consumers want, their traditional marketing strategy will work just fine.

The problem with traditional marketing is that it is not productive anymore. For years, the primary objective of old marketing strategy has always been to make a sales pitch. For many trade executives, real businesses should be about getting consumers to buy products. The danger in this is that if you only care about people buying your products without informing them about the value of what you intend to sell, you might lose a bigger audience, sometimes on the go. 

The evolution of marketing, from traditional print and electronic media to the current digital marketing, means two things: pitching sales are obsolete and educating customers about products and services is the rule of the game. Digital Marketing is King, and there are tons of reasons for proof. The primary goal of Digital Marketing is to educate potential consumers about your brand. The consumer market needs to know the value of what you need to sell. Digital Marketing does not tell people to buy now and enjoy the product value. Instead, it educates buyers about the value of the goods in question so that they can make their purchase decisions.

Keep in mind Digital Marketing does not eliminate traditional marketing. Instead, it changes the way your business interacts with the consumer market. DM is even stronger than traditional marketing because it shifts your attention from the exchange of goods and services for money to establishing connectivity, interactivity and long-term relationship with the consumer market.

Many small businesses have given little attention to Digital Marketing. Although the strategy has the potential to connect buyers with sellers and helps to build a long-lasting relationship, it looks like many enterprises aren’t taking Digital Marketing seriously. Until you are willing and able to tap into the power of Digital Marketing, you might never understand why your business isn’t giving you any value. Small businesses and startups are always looking for solid reasons why they shouldn’t be using traditional marketing. Instead of dwelling so much on the setbacks of traditional marketing and communication strategies, let’s look at the reasons why you should start investing in Digital Marketing instead.

Digital Marketing Will Connect You with Consumers on the Internet

No one reads newspapers these days – or at least not everybody does. People stopped looking for products, services and opportunities from daily newspapers for one reason: the Internet. Today, more than 80% of consumers in every country, from the fast developing countries in Africa and India to economically stable states like the European Union, use the internet to do a search. In fact, people do not need PCs anymore to access the internet. Millions of consumers from all walks of life have internet enabled smartphone and mobile browser applications that can access the internet on the go.

Internet users often spend about 25% of their time looking for products and services information online. They are not looking forward to buying anything; they want to find out whether a product is worth buying or purely a waste of time and money. Use this opportunity to connect with the audience. The best way to establish a connection is to provide valuable information to these users.

Digital Marketing is Cheap

Small business owners don’t always have enough capital to sustain their venture. However, lack of sufficient funds and a larger pool of resources shouldn’t be an excuse for lack of progress. Embrace Digital Marketing because it can save you money, making it possible to take your business to the next level with time. Close to 50% of small businesses like report that Digital Marketing has helped them to not only save a lot of money but also helped their enterprises to expand with time.

Digital Marketing can deliver high ROI from your marketing campaign

Telemarketing and traditional marketing have one thing in common: they cannot generate better Cost per Lead for your business. Digital Marketing can do more than just generating better Cost per Lead. It can also generate improved Return on Investment, usually by up to 300%.

Digital Marketing generates high conversion rates

A business that isn’t converting is not good business at all. A lot of people end up frustrated when their businesses fail, but failure might be inevitable if you are using traditional marketing. Okay, let’s put this in a way that’s easy to understand. Traditional marketing can generate fewer conversion rates – or nothing at all. The goal of a business shouldn’t be just to reach out to customers. It should be to boost conversion rates and make money in return. Digital Marketing cannot fail you. If done well, Digital Marketing can and will increase your conversion rate by up to 24%.


The goal of Digital Marketing is to help you take your business to the next level. If you’ve never had an interest in Digital Marketing before, this is the best to put traditional marketing aside and embrace the new marketing strategy.

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