national frozen food day March 6 is National Frozen Food Day. What better way to celebrate than to highlight the way Birdseye is using social media to engage customers and reach new audiences? After all Clarence Birdseye is the innovator of the frozen food industry. Let’s honor the day and the man by seeing what his namesake is doing right in online marketing!

Highlighting Fans with Social Recipe Sharing

Birdseye has set up a page on their website to show recipes created by customers submitted via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Feeds from social media place links directly on the Birdseye site showing off the customers’ recipes and ideas. Birdseye has taken great steps to engage with fans and highlight the home cooks that are loyal to the product–and acting as brand advocates through their recipe sharing.

What ways can you use social media to place your customers in the spotlight?

Actively Participating on Social Media

Birdseye is doing a great job participating in the mainstream social media platforms. Not only do they post product information, they share content from their online communities. Their Twitter stream features product information, recipes, shared content from other Twitter users, and more. Their Facebook page is similarly engaging and includes fun pictures, videos that show the brand’s social media personality, and opportunities for fans to talk, share, and interact. 

Are you remembering to temper the sales & marketing messages with some fun and personality?

Thanks Clarence Birdseye for your innovation that transformed the food industry. Thanks Birdseye for ensuring that you engage your fans online!



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