If you are looking into becoming an investor, it is essential to take all the possible aspects into consideration. With all the digital currencies and stock options floating around, gold might not be the first thing you would consider. But it should, it has been a part of human society for ages, and after all, it is a precious metal. Now, aside from the fact that the price of gold is bound to continue to rise, there are some considerable benefits for small and medium-sized businesses that come from gold investments. Read on to find out what these are!

The lowered trust in stocks and currencies

If you just look at the current state of affairs on the trade market, and by that we mean President Trump lead changes regarding the trade agreements with various countries you can understand why people are getting a bit worried about their investments. But for someone looking to add additional aspects to their portfolio, this is the perfect timing. After all, when the value of your stocks starts going down, you might find greater safety in reinvesting your profit into gold, rather than in the expansion of your business (for the time being).

Gold enables a certain level of privacy

This might be one of the major benefits of gold. With all your financial data available for the world to see, you get to keep the size of your gold investment secured in a vault. All you have to do is find a trusted seller of gold coins that will keep the transactions private. That way you can secure your investment, and have a great nest egg when the prices start going up. In addition, it is a lot easier to make an emergency withdrawal of funds when you are dealing with gold instead of money. For an SMB, an emergency fund in gold can be a reliable long-term safety net.

A great long-term investment

If you are not a trigger-happy investor and are interested in a long-term investment than gold is for you. Through years gold has dropped down in value only to come back doubled or tripled. This is what it is ideal for long-term investors who only need to monitor the market in order to get that big payout. Currently, the prices of gold on the market are quite favourable, and it is the ideal time to buy, after that it is only a matter of waiting for the prices to go up again so as to collect the earnings. But don’t worry, even when they seem to go down a bit, they are bound to make a comeback, and there is no chance of a loss if you are patient enough.

Weakness of the U.S. Dollar

You probably did not expect to see this one on the list. But weakening currencies always influence the need for investing in gold. It presents a safe haven in a turbulent market. When investors turn to this security provided by gold the prices of gold start increasing, which is quite favorable for long-term investors in this precious metal. During the last big decline of the dollar between 1998 and 2008 there was a substantial increase in the value of gold. It lead to the value of gold nearly tripling between 1998 and 2008, reaching the $1,000-an-ounce milestone in early 2008. While between 2008 and 2012 it nearly doubled, hitting around the $1800-$1900 mark.

It is the go-to investment in situations of geopolitical uncertainty

We have seen so far how gold makes a sensible investment when there is financial insecurity involved along with major changes in the world trade market. However, it is as important in situations of geopolitical uncertainty, since people find it to be the safest investment in times of crisis. We have seen evidence of that during the European Union crisis, and it has been observed that the prices of gold tend to skyrocket when there is substantial loss of confidence in the government. Something happening in the US right this moment.


We can see that investing in gold has numerous benefits, especially now if we take a look at the world economic and trade situation. You shouldn’t expect to make fast money on this investment. Investing in gold requires regular monitoring of the changes in value along with paying additional attention to world affairs. That is the only way you can get the most out of your investment. But you can rest assured that your funds are safe, right there in your vault. Most investors don’t have that commodity.

dan radak
Dan Radak

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