Whether you are looking to establish your own clothing line or you want to leverage brand popularity by selling branded clothing as a side line for your existing business, it can prove highly profitable to start designing, creating, and selling your own clothing items.

Having a good design idea is only a part of the process. You will need to convert this idea into a viable printed design, and then either have the clothing printed for you or find a cost-effective and efficient means of printing the designs yourself. Finally, you will need to sell the t-shirts, or you may choose to give them away to further improve your corporate branding efforts.

Use Existing Brand Design

If you have a popular brand already, regardless of the industry, you may be able to leverage this popularity to create a second income stream or to further build brand popularity and exposure.

Using an existing brand means that some of the design will already be completed. People looking to buy branded clothing will want to recognise the brand, which means that it should take a prominent position on the clothing.

Create Your Own Clothing Range Design

If you are looking to create a clothing range from scratch, then you won’t have the benefit of an existing brand to use. You need to create a brand, as well as creating attractive and appealing clothing designs.

You can print designs on all forms of clothing, but t-shirts and shirts tend to be the most popular. They offer the greatest versatility, they can incorporate almost any type of design, and it is relatively inexpensive to buy blank t-shirts and customise them with your own designs.

Screen Printing Clothing

Screen printing is an affordable and convenient means of printing custom designs on items like t-shirts and shirts. The design is printed directly onto the fabric, you can use multiple layers or screens so that you can create simple or complex designs, and you can buy screen printing kits that allow you to print clothing yourself, within your own company.

As well as a screen printing kit, you will need to buy the inks, and you will also need to have suitable space within your premises to print, cure, and dry the clothing. You will also need room to store stock, unless you are going to print customised clothing to meet every order.

Selling Your Designs

Once you have designed and printed clothing, you will need to start selling the products quickly, in order to make your investment back. You can sell to shops, through shops, and you can sell online.

There are marketplaces like Etsy that allow you to quickly and easily list items for sale. They specialise in the sale of customised items, and there are many similar sites that offer the same kind of service.

You can set up your own website to sell items, too. Use a platform like Shopify, or customise a WordPress installation to include e-commerce features. Selling through your own site gives you total freedom with pricing, delivery, and all other options, but it will cost more and require closer management.

Other Uses For Screen Printed Clothing

Screen printed clothing is good quality, and it allows the creation of high quality and attractive looking, durable clothing. It is a convenient means of printing small to medium sized volumes of clothing.

Screen printing not only offers an effective means of starting your own clothing range. Once you have a screen printing kit and machine, you can offer printing services to businesses and individuals. Alternatively, you can create branded clothing for your business, to help further promote your brand and improve its visibility.

Screenstretch Ltd sells a range of screen printing accessories, including kits, machines, and replacement parts and emulsion. Whether you design your own clothes or are looking to set up a screen printing business to sell printing services, you can find all the equipment that you need.