Achieving a work-life balance is particularly difficult in the results-driven world of American business, where over 80% of workers say they are stressed out about work. Life stresses are even worse. It is critical to take proactive steps to start lowering stress and finding that critical balance.

This infographic offers a number of actionable steps that you can use to find a better balance in your personal life, your social life, and your work life. You can choose to do them all, or select the ones that fit best with your lifestyle and goals.

Besides taking actionable steps to lower stress and improve work-life balance, you need to consider supplements to enhance your cognitive performance. Known as nootropics, these supplements help bring additional energy and focus to your thinking, improve executive functioning, and enhance alertness. This infographic introduces a number of nootropic options to enhance your brain function.

About the Author:

Lucy Miller is a marathon runner, nutrition student, and a passionate writer for Mind Your Zen. She contributes to several blogs sharing useful health tips from her research as a nutrition student. She can be reached at [email protected]