The first step to catch the attention of your consumers is to know and understand their buying habits. When a business owner learns the needs of consumers, the targeted audience is less difficult to attract. Consider educating yourself on common practices and habits of different kinds of consumers.

Understanding the Audience/Consumer

For example, there are two types of consumer: impulse shoppers and shoppers with a purpose. Product oriented businesses need to determine which of these categories their shoppers identify with most often. The impulse shopper is instantly captured by a flash of words like, “free,” “discount” and “sale.” The purposeful shopper takes the time to shop around for these while subsequently focusing on their actual needs.

Need is always the underlying factor in the engine that drives buyers. The degree of need is either impulsive or actual. This is basic sales psychology business owners need to understand.

Follow Through on Consumer Need

Once the impulsive and actual needs of consumers are determined in the targeted audience, the job of marketing and selling products and services becomes a matter of matching. Match marketing and sales techniques with products and services purchased by impulse shoppers. Then, do the same with purposeful consumers. For example, hi-tech devices are often purchased on impulse when the newest generation of these devices first emerges for sale. The more purposeful consumer may take longer to decide if they actually “need” the newest device. Plan sales and marketing campaigns to address quick sales among impulse shoppers. As a follow through on consumer need, plan the second stage of the campaign so it is directed toward the purposeful consumer. By timing sales and marketing campaigns this way, business don’t experience gaps in sales.

Capturing the Target Audience for Service Oriented Business

Many service oriented business owners overlook the importance of studying their target audience of consumers. For example, electric, plumber, construction/repair, accounting and legal service businesses need to study their target audience carefully. This may be a clue to where growth in business exists. It may also show a gap in certain areas that should produce a higher volume of clients. Sales and marketing campaigns that include good will practices between business and consumer average higher increases in revenue, consumers and business growth. Consider special customer appreciation events as a sales and marketing promotion.

What catches the attention of the consumers in your targeted audience most is based on the quality of products and services presented and the reliability/reputation of the business name. Business owners can enhance their status at their location and at various events and associations that offer product or service presentations. For example, a hi-tech, interactive display from I-Tech Company can make your place of business a more comfortable environment to buy thing in. Knowing what you consumer wants beforehand can make all the difference in the world to your business.

About the Author

Meghan Belnap is a freelance writer from Oklahoma. She enjoys being in the outdoors and exploring new opportunities whenever they arise.