In every business, marketing is essential, however, it has changed dramatically over the recent years. Traditional outbound marketing methods no longer work, and instead, organizations must turn to inbound methods that draw customers in. Companies now need to grab the attention and engage customers in unique and unusual ways to make their business stand out and get people talking about the products and service. Fortunately, there are many nifty tricks to improve your marketing and make your customers happy. So, if you want to be a marketing genius, then look no further than our ten brilliant ways.

  1. Make Benefits Not Features

People want to know how you will improve their life, not what your service or product has. So instead of promoting the features and why you are different from your competitors, showcase the benefits that arise from those features and make it strong. The consumer world is a competitive place where saying ‘your product will improve X’ just won’t cut the mustard. Instead, conduct research and gather statistics, showing your customer how beneficial your product is with tangible results will make your product much more successful.

  1. Don’t Put All Your Energy Into ‘Going Viral.’

Going viral is the ambition for many businesses and social media users alike. However, the likelihood of going viral is a tiny percentage. Instead of spending all your time, resources and money on a campaign in the hope of making it viral, think about the proven, tried and tested strategies that will still give you great results. While having goals is a must, make sure that you have achievable steps along the path to the goal, so you perfect your strategy and learn some valuable marketing lessons on the way.

  1. Listen

The best way to impress your customers is to listen to what they want and through listening and building a great relationship with your customers you instantly get a comprehensive and successful marketing strategy running. Save your money and resist expensive market research, instead open communication lines on social media and get your customers to tell you exactly what they want. Having a competition aspect will increase the social shares, and you’ll have more people engaged in your service than ever before. Why? Because you are listening.

  1. Be Passionate For Your Cause

Don’t be scared of being opinionated or speaking freely about something as long as you stay true to your beliefs and continue to feel strongly about something. People will despise hypocrisy and will call you out on it, but if you regularly speak out about causes you are passionate about, you’ll have a side of loyal followers and people will respect your values and may favor your business because of it.

  1. Be Global And Local

You want your customers to feel part of a local community wherever they are in the world so make them feel a part of it. The best way to do this is to engage in different languages and show respect for each culture. Mayor Bloomberg is a great example of someone that is trying to interact and engage with the community, while his Spanish skills are criticized, people have the utmost respect for him trying, and that’s what your business should be doing – trying to connect with people to bring them into an inclusive community. You can read more about Mayor Bloomberg and his Spanish learning here.

  1. Make Connections

Establishing yourself with like-minded business and influencers is important. Partnerships can do a great deal for a small business and skyrocket it to the top. Don’t avoid networking opportunities, make the most of it by finding people that will help your cause. One of the easiest ways to do this is to recommend or share a story on your social media by another business. While it may seem like your advertising the wrong team, it builds trust among your followers, and the company is likely to give you the same exposure on their sites.

  1. Give Something Back

One of the oldest marketing tricks in the book: everyone likes free stuff. Make sure you thank your loyal customers regularly. Your business won’t lose out through discounting products or offering free gifts. Instead, you’ll make more people buy and will increase and even extend the loyalty even further.

  1. Stick With Social Media

Many businesses start with good intentions on social media, but it quickly drops off when it doesn’t gather traction. Unfortunately, the world of social media is fickle, and it will take time and effort to build up an organic loyalty that will like and share your messages. Remember, that people will only share your information if it is useful or interesting; don’t brazenly advertise your products but offer advice, humor, information that gives your consumers a reason to share it and build up a bigger customer base.

  1. Be Unique

Obviously, this one is quite difficult, in a world of global marketing, where strategies are all over the web, how do you stand out from the increasingly massive crowd? The answer is you have to do something against the norm and make yourself different but for a very good reason. Run through your sales process and look for opportunities where you can add creativity to make your business stand out. Go against the grain and people will soon pick up on what you are doing differently.

  1. Keep Learning

Each business is different and what may be a fool-proof marketing strategy for one company may fall hard for another. Find your niche and work out what works for you, incorporate variety and make sure it is fun for you and your customers. Remember, you don’t know unless you try.

About the Author:

Eldon Mirjah is the creator of Gritty Spanish, a course that’s completely based on informal learning – where students get to learn the language through urban stories – featuring the eccentric,  the real-life and the bizarre. This is a form of learning that is defined by storytelling.