promotional giftsEmployees are more than just people who help with a company’s daily tasks. The best ones are also a company’s biggest fans. They will discuss your business even when not at work – whether it’s complaining about something to their friends or praising how much they love their job, they can serve as a form of advertisement. Why not give them promotional gifts for their dedication? This affordable marketing strategy can lead to happier employees while bringing in new customers.

Here are 10 good ones to give employees.

iPad Case

Give your employees a gift that will help protect their iPad. Customized cases make a lasting impression on employees and their friends.

Leather Journal

Journals make a great gift and can give your employees somewhere to keep track of their meetings or other important notes. A quality leather journal from www.RusticoLeather.comcan serve as a form of branding your business while also serving as a useful tool.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are a popular choice for employees. They are a cheap and viable option for promoting your business while giving your employee a gift that they will find useful.

Golfing Products

You’re sure to find many of your employees spending time on the golf course. Giving them golfing supplies with your company’s logo branded onto it will not only promote employee loyalty, it will also promote your business.

Computer Bags

Computer bags are a great choice for employees who constantly find themselves out in the field. It adds to their professionalism while promoting your company’s brand.


Custom notebooks are another great promotional tool that allows your employees to spread word about your company while they are at meetings or taking messages at home.


In many cases, you might decide it a good idea to let your employees be seen about the town wearing your brand. Polos, jackets, and hats seem to be the most popular choices. However, choose any apparel that you feel your employees will want to put on.


Calendars make excellent promotional gifts. Every home has one displayed in a noticeable location. Giving them away to your employees will almost guarantee exposure whenever they host a party or have friends over.

Key Chains

Key chains can promote attention to detail. Plus, everyone has to have a place to put their keys. It’s a win-win scenario.

Photo Albums

The final promotional product might seem a bit unorthodox but in reality, photo albums can work to your company’s advantage. Every family has an album and that album is looked at by friends and family. So they can give you some much-needed exposure.

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