The Drawbacks of Not Having an Office


Working environment is important. The place where you choose to work can have a significant effect on your productivity, concentration and emotional wellbeing; for some, working in a crowded office can be counterproductive to these things. Granted, it’s not the same for everyone, with different working environments offering their own advantages and drawbacks, but with more people choosing to work outside of the office than ever it’s worth looking at some of the disadvantages not having an office may bring.

Not everyone can work from home. It’s true that it sounds like an attractive prospect, but there are also a lot of distractions that require a lot of self-control, discipline and drive to avoid. For many, this is one of the biggest downsides of not having an office. There’s always a question about where to put yourself for the day and where the best place to work is. As a result, people often end up doing their work in an unsuitable environment and suffer for it. Coffee shops, for example, have the space and the refreshments to keep you going, but there’s also the noise and bustle of other customers to deal with which can have a huge effect on your concentration. Offices, meanwhile, offer a controlled environment in which to work which can do wonders for your focus as well as appearing more professional overall. If concentration is an issue for you, why not consider something like a Day Office from a company like Regus? A property like this will offer you the stability of a professional environment without the worry of long-term leasing.

Lack of a proper or easily accessible communication network can also be a huge drawback. In the business world, you get places by making connections and widening your net as much as possible.  More often than not you need to have a network in order to increase productivity as well as keeping the lines of communication open. If one of your employees or team mates needs to discuss something important and you’re not available, then your overall productivity will take a knock on effect. Being in one place while your colleagues are in another is simply impractical and leads to more problems that you don’t need, especially if you’re all working in different locations and with varying access to internet, telephones and so on. If you don’t have an office, running meetings, calls and conferences will be a challenge and can adversely affect your professional image. Again, renting a day office can be a great way to solve the issue of meetings and communication networks; you will be able to access the technology you need as well as having a place to get everyone you need together. Even if you all work well in your respective environments, it’s crucial that you still be able to network with each other with ease and simplicity.

As you can see, your office doesn’t necessarily have to be a permanent one; there are plenty of solutions available in order to remedy your work problems for less money and minimal stress.

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