Do you know the first email message was sent in 1971 from Ray Tomlinson to himself? Today, over 4.3 billion email accounts send 196 billion emails every day. The fact is email has come to stay, and it’s isn’t going anywhere. Your email list is a business asset that should be highly treasured by you. It can determine your business sales and growth. Building an email list should be a top priority if you’re considering a long-term goal with your audience. 

So what does email marketing entail? 

It’s simple; it’s a direct marketing strategy that uses electronic mail as a means of sending commercial messages to a group of people. Nick Westergaard(Brand Driven Digital) put it this way “ email is still the most personal form of digital marketing. Social media comes and goes, and we are connected for the long haul.” 

Can you see how valuable email marketing is for your business? 

Continue reading to find out more detailed guide to email marketing by Website Builder.

Note that this expert guide will walk you through how you can

    Start building an email list 

    Increase your email list 

    Drive more traffic and sales to your website through campaigns

    Improve your email marketing skills 

The first thing you need is the permission of your clients or prospects before you dive into sending out emails. Never buy an email list as it’s a waste of time and effort. I advise you provide an Opt-In form and email marketing service. 

Secondly, grow your email list. It’s not just about creating an Opt-in shape and expect people to sign up; This strategy is not a guaranteed one. However, to grow your email list, you need to attract your audience with an offer called LEAD MAGNET. A lead magnet is an offer you give away for free to your audience in exchange for an email address. For example an Ebook, a free webinar. A coupon and lots more can be a lead magnet. Note that 70% of email readers open emails from a brand or company in search of a deal, discount or coupon.

Thirdly, create a personalized email marketing list segmentation. Many marketers won’t tell you this truth, that proper segmentation your email list won’t be valid. 

What then is email list segmentation? 

Email list segmentation is the breaking down of your subscribers into little groups based on specific criteria, to send more personalized and relevant emails.


Why segment your list? 

It has been proven to increase your email open rates, click rates, and reduce unsubscribed rates.Statistics show that personalized subject lines result in 20% higher open rate, personalized emails improve CTR by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. It has been proven that marketers who segment their list experienced 39% higher rates, 28% lower unsubscribe and 24% open better deliverability and greater revenue rates. 

Fourthly, improve your email open rates. When you increase your email open rates, it opens up your business for greater sales. There are certain determinants in whether your emails get opened or not. 

Here are the determinants 

    Try to avoid sending spam messages, make sure your clients or prospects opt-in to receive emails from you. 20% of email recipients report email as spam even if they know it’s not. 

    Use a proper IP address to send emails

    Include an easy route for clients to opt out of your emails. 

    Keep your email lists fresh and remove inactive subscribers 

    Choose the best time to send out emails; research shows that sending emails once a month has the higher open rate with 25.24%. According to his spot’s report Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday have the most emails began. 

    Use an engaging subject line. For instance, Hi Joey! Using the recipient first name in the subject line increases the chance of the email being opened by 14.68% 

    Write useful content always

    Ensure your emails are Mobile friendly. Statistics show that in 2017, 2.282 million people will access email via their mobile devices. 

Finally, Automate your emails. Make use of Autoresponder; it is a marketer’s most useful tool for making sales. It turns prospects into buyers and thereby build a solid, successful email list and relationship. Research shows that B2C marketers who leverage automation have seen conversion rates as high as 50%. Automated email message average 90.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than business as the typical marketing message. 

In a nutshell, email marketing is everything you need to increase sales and grow your audience. Never underestimate the power of emails as it can convert prospects into buyers. 

Good luck Building your email list! I hope this guide was helpful.