Packaging plays a crucial role in keeping goods in mint condition. It also helps a lot while shipping them from one place to another. It not only assists you in making the overall process smooth but also defines the character of a product.

Talking about product packaging and how we can overlook the importance of cardboards boxes. From small businesses to big brands, cardboard boxes are used in almost every industry due to their advantages like easy availability, cost effectiveness and eco friendly nature.

Small businesses are always looking for a strategy to promote their goods in a way which can amplify their sales and conversions. They are using custom cardboard boxes to increase awareness about their brand.

This infographic, brought to you by MS Packaging, revolves around the amazing history of cardboard boxes.


Author Bio: John MacCabe is the Social Media Strategist of MS Packaging. He likes to write about the latest packaging innovations, small business ideas and startups.

History of Cardboard Boxes