You feel like you’re wasting away with your job. Perhaps you love what you do, but feel undervalued by your boss. Or, maybe you feel like you can do better. Heck, maybe you just want to finally find your way to have your own time!

Do these words speak to you? Do they ring a bell? Finally, you’ve considered the road to financial freedom.

So it has begun, the journey, the excitement, the anxiety of the unquantified world of Entrepreneurship.

BUT, be warned.

This article isn’t the sugar-coated inspirational content you’d see on the internet. In this article, we will talk about what you could expect in the world of entrepreneurship, whether positive or negative.

Here, we get straight to business.

First, we need to address something really important. You are no longer an Employee. So, you need to forget about having an Employee Mindset. What am i talking about? Well, all your life, you’ve probably been taught the typical “Go to school then get a job” speech.

Employees are paid for their time and services rendered. Employment offers security, and convenience.

Here’s where I’m going.

Always keep this in mind: Your time is no longer paid, only results!

1. Prepare To Be both Alone and Not Alone

Today’s workforce is filled with people who don’t want to push for more. Logically, stability is more common of an option, and that’s not wrong. Being stable is what we were told to aim for, by our parents.

Go to school, get good grades, get a job. It’s getting redundant at this point, but its the sad reality of it all. Not everyone aims higher. Even those who want to have to deal with responsibilities like providing for the family, paying bills, paying their mortgage, and a whole lot of factors that hinder entrepreneurship. Chances are that you may be having these too.

Therefore, having a dream is quite taxing mentally and emotionally. It’s not impossible, but it’s very hard to convince others to believe in your dream as well.

Yes, you may be able to hire employees, but it’s different to have a “team”. People just wanna get paid and ditch when things go south.

This doesn’t mean give up on people entirely, but the fact is that true partners are very hard to find. You will be alone for quite a while, despite having tens or hundreds of people around you. But, once you do, you’re no longer are.

2. Things don’t go as planned

It’s been stated that business cannot be quantified. There will be variables of ups and downs, twists, and turns. Rest assured, this is okay. This is what you signed up for.

Entrepreneurs aren’t almighty. People make mistakes, and people have to take a beating from time to time. But what makes some Entrepreneurs successful despite the beatdowns? Persistence.

Remember that failures are only failures when you truly give up. Anything else is just a setback. Relax, have some coffee, then get back at it.

If anything, isn’t that what makes it exciting?

3. Find Comfort in Discomfort

The best entrepreneurs are constantly pursuing the uncomfortable, and that’s not a negative in any way. Discomfort should become your new normal, as well as your fuel for creativity and productivity.

It also induces creativity in your approach! If anything, doesn’t that bring color into things? Rather than the redundant activities you have to do for decades in a job?

Don’t be scared of variables, and learn to play with them!

It is a power to find light, and positivity during dark times. Most people would want to give up, but here you are, unfazed. When life pushes you, you better push back. That’s just it! There’s no other way around it.

Despite the variables, here’s the constant: You have to deal with what life throws.

Sink or swim. If you can’t learn to work around inconveniences, you’re doing it wrong!

4. Forget about Failure or Success

When you’re truly in the zone when it comes to what you’re doing, honestly, the concept of success and failure just goes away.

You should build a notion that you came all the way to this side just to be “profitable”. In today’s competitive world, you need to have that obsession in order to make the difference.

That’s what real happiness is. The never-ending pursuit of your purpose. Have one when starting a company. There’s nothing more motivating than a sense of purpose as to what you’re doing.

If you’re a millennial, chances are that you will just get bored in a few years, especially when you’re doing something for something as low of a reason as “money”, because there are tons of ways to make a quick buck.

The best entrepreneurs don’t label their milestones as failures or successes, and this detachment keeps them focused on what’s really important: making a difference with your work.

6. Re-engineer

It’s really hard to think of a unique business nowadays, and chances are, you already have competitors in what you’re planning!

Ask yourself: what will make you stand out?

This is where your creativity comes in! It’s mostly about business models now. Restructuring, reengineering, getting creative with your approach. Think about yours!

There are tons of businesses who profit despite having a model that isn’t optimized. Perhaps there’s a way to do things better than them, lowering the price, improving the margin, anything that can be profitably restructured!

Opportunity belongs to those who have these eyes. There may be opportunity there!

7. Make Mistakes

We’ve grown up to think mistakes are not encouraged. If you make a mistake, it usually equates to a negative effect, such as grades.

Mistakes aren’t all that great, yes, but never forget that they are lessons we can use to grow on. It’s what makes us better people. Mistakes happen as part of your learning curve when you switch to working for yourself. Make them, learn from them and never allow yourself to make the same mistake twice.

It’s our mistakes that make us who we are.

8. Know Yourself and Your Fears

Fear and anxiety will never go away. We are human. We have weaknesses.

However, this is the reason that we’re not alone in this world. Know that you’re both better and weaker than people in some areas. Entrepreneurs aren’t fearless perfect beings.

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba himself has stated that it’s the entrepreneur’s job to make sure that smart people can work TOGETHER. Being an entrepreneur is about accepting that you can work with some people to attain a common goal.

You can’t do everything alone, and you don’t have to.

Nathan Ebol
Nathan Ebol

Nathan Ebol, a leader of 378 Realty, a team of professionals who believe in the importance of providing more than just a typical Realty service. Specializing in documentation, loan application and overall knowledge in the field of Philippine Real Estate. Covering the now, and tomorrow.