Half the battle in any professional setting is to cultivate confidence and energy and make sure it translates outwardly.

You’ve likely heard some words of advice on how to make an impression in your career, but make no mistake that true excellence in this regard requires you to live your truth. This means setting up some practices and principles that spill over into your personal life and allow you to network, express your ideas and climb the ladder on your terms.

You owe it to yourself to live the most powerful version of your life, and the 3 points below will get you started.

The following tips will rejuvenate your health, build your mind, and set you up with a toolkit that will let you excel in any professional setting.

1. Move Your Body And Set Continuous Fitness And Wellness Goals

Your brain and body are linked.

This is a fact that researchers assert, as the mind-body connection is important in handling stress, managing the fight or flight response, dealing with emotions, and thinking clearly.

So if you’re having trouble focusing and getting your thoughts together, one of the best things you can do is move your body.

Look into getting a gym membership, throwing on your running shoes or purchasing a home workout that you can do on a regular basis. If you don’t workout regularly, any physical activity is helpful. The key is to make sure that you are regularly elevating your heart rate, working up a nice sweat and pushing yourself.

Working out three to five times each week will also help your body to produce more testosterone, which is a hormone that is naturally linked to confidence and assertiveness. It’s more important than ever to challenge your fitness activity because far too many of us sit down for hours at a time each and every day.

Today’s scientists go so far as to compare chronic sitting to smoking when discussing the adverse health effects that you can experience. You can offset these problems by finding activities that you enjoy that will improve your fitness and help you to strengthen your mind-body connection.

2. Build Your Library And Put The Information To Work

You’ve probably heard the adage about how you’re a reflection of the five people you talk to regularly. You can take that a step further and say that you’re also a reflection of the five most recent books you’ve read.

If the answer is none, or if you’re reading books that don’t edify your mind, you’re really leaving a lot of productivity and knowledge on the table.

The literature that we take on shapes the way that we think, so you need to give yourself an opportunity to grow and stretch your mind by exposing yourself to new books. Start by finding some classics that will help you on the road to self-development. There are countless timeless best sellers that you can choose between, including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Who Moved My Cheese?, and How To Win Friends and Influence People.

Today, you’re able to really take in information on your terms, since you can subscribe to services such as Audible and Amazon’s Kindle. When you browse through these libraries, you can quickly get recommendations on plenty of books that will grow you as a person and a professional.

The most important thing to remember is that this information is null and void if you fail to apply it.

Throw on some Audible books when you’re at your desk with headphones, or sitting in traffic, but make sure you don’t get caught up in empty entertainment. Instead, hold yourself accountable for applying the information you learn in each chapter. Take notes, journal and reflect on these teachings so that you can see what works and what doesn’t, and revisit these points later.

3. Learn To Meditate And Get Into Creative Flow States

If you know someone that is creative, charismatic and confident, you know someone that understands how to get out of their head.

While our thoughts have a place, they also sabotage us and stifle our innermost creativity and personality. The reason is that your mind wanders to the past and future naturally, and unless you become aware of these thoughts, you’ll get carried away right along with them.

When you’re stuck in your head, rather than in the present moment, you’re too busy mentally auditing and editing every word and second-guessing every thought.

Meditation is the key to overcoming this problem.

When you meditate, you override and quiet your brain’s default mode network (DMN), which is referred to as brakes because it centers around hesitation as a means to protect you. Since you’re able to override these brakes through meditation, while also lowering stress hormone, you’ll feel free in any setting and better able to be yourself.

Don’t get caught up in any sort of dogma surrounding meditation. Take whatever spiritual benefits you can get from it if you feel so inclined, but if you don’t, don’t rob yourself of this valuable tool.

Use these three tips to watch your professional life soar.

About the Author:

Lerone is a comedian, writer, and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles with his lovely wife. After writing stories and covering news for a large daily newspaper for 4 years, he left to bet on himself and chase his dreams. When he’s not chiming in as a regular contributor on Dash Radio’s “Mayhem and Token Show” or performing at places like The World Famous Comedy Store, Lerone is most likely working on his health and fitness, reading a good book or tackling his next big writing project or business endeavor.