Three Things You Can Do With a Brick


Image credit: homestudio / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: homestudio / 123RF Stock Photo
Today I read an article on Fast Company’s website about The Case for Ditching Traditional Job Interviews.  After getting laid off, job interviews became a dreaded must (until I decided to strike out on my own).  Nothing made me more anxious than answering those same, old questions.  I think the anxiety comes with those questions because it feels like you are taking a standardized test.  Ugh.  So, I wholeheartedly agree with the article — let’s do switch it up!

The questions the author listed as possible new-style interview questions sound like a lot of fun to answer.  What color is your personality?  How much money does a New York City cab driver take home at the end of the day?  My favorite question, though, is this one:  “What are three things you can do with a brick?”  All day I have found myself drifting in thought back to that question.  Here are a few of my answers.

Best a Zombie

This is probably a symptom of watching too much Walking Dead (is there such a thing?), but my first thought is that I would use a brick to smash in a zombie’s brains.  I hope this would not be an alarming answer to an interviewer — I am not an inherently violent person; however, I would use force to prevent the undead from chomping on me and my rag-tag band of fellow survivors.  I think that’s a good sign, right?  I think this shows courage and determination. TV addiction, maybe.

Create a Lovely Pen and Pencil Holder

Assuming the brick is the typical kind with the holes in it, I would paint it and use it as a lovely pen or pencil holder.  I am a little old school in that I still enjoy the feel of writing with a pen.  There’s something wonderful about the feel of a smooth-writing pen on paper.  However, you could also use it to hold your super-cool stylus.  I think this shows my ability to “make it work,” to quote Tim Gunn.  Plus, when the zombie apocalypse goes down, we will be using pens and pencils again.

Use it as a Prototype for a New Party Game

I would use the brick as a prototype for my new party game, “Brick or Bust” — the exciting new game where you and your friends come up with three uses for a brick in most any given scenario!  From the frozen tundra to the driest desert, you’ll have only your wits and a brick to win the game!  I think this shows my desire to take an idea and turn it into a money maker.

By the way, I think the color of my personality is a nice tangerine.

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