Hootsuite Certified Professional

Woo hoo! I just became a Hootsuite Certified Professional! Before I started Hootsuite University, I mistakenly assumed I knew everything necessary about Hootsuite. Hey — I’ve been using it for several years. Regardless of what you think you know about it, I’m willing to bet you will pick up a few new tips like I did if you in Hootsuite University to become a HootSuite Certified Professional (disclosure: I am a Hootsuite affiliate and fan/user). Here are my three favorite tips I picked up . . . .

Tip One: You can create your campaign URLs inside your HootSuite Pro account!

No need to hop out and head to Google to do it — you can set up your campaign URLs directly within your Pro account! I have been creating lists of parameters to keep up with, designed a spreadsheet to build them for me, etc. The tool is right here within the Pro account. That makes it easy and speedy. You still may want to keep a list to ensure you set them up consistently across campaigns, but that is up to you.

campaign parameters

You can set up Google campaign tracking parameters from within your Hootsuite Pro account!

Tip Two: Really neat search operator options.

If your business primarily caters to your local community, this is a tip you have to try. You will be able to monitor people within a certain radius of your location. Awesome for local online marketing.

search query Hootsuite

You can set up Google campaign tracking parameters from within your Hootsuite Pro account!

Tip Three: Filter Streams

Remember that stream I built above? Now that it’s a stream, I can filter it to a deeper level. I can filter by Klout score to see my most influential local followers. I can filter by a keyword to find an additional specific word or term. Very cool, time-saving feature!

Hootsuite filters

Add filters to search streams to save time and act more quickly in Hootsuite.

What are your favorite Hootsuite tips? Did you learn them at Hootsuite University?