It may seem like a lofty goal, but ideally, every task must be done efficiently. However, no one has full control over valuable resources like time and manpower. The good thing is there are few tasks we can outsource securely towards great success. They can help business owners and entrepreneurs regain time and ultimately improve satisfaction, stress level, and overall happiness. Here they are:


Drop Shipping and Logistics Services

Start-up businesses usually have limited inventory and capital investment hence getting these under control are very crucial to success. US Census Bureau predicted 17 percent annual growth in E-commerce industry with about 30 percent of retailers use drop shipping as a strategy to improve sales including Amazon.


Cheap rarely gets along with safety. Luckily, drop shipping is absolutely cost effective and low risk. With the help of a drop ship company, you do not have to hold onto the products and use up much-needed space nor worry about the shipping. Orders are simply transferred to the drop shipper for the handling of inventory and logistics.


Getting the Best Out of Dropshippers

When looking for drop shipping and logistics management services, make sure they have wide warehouse spaces and capability to ship any vast number of packages. Also, make sure they can reduce your turnaround times. A strong partnership with major freight carriers also makes them very reliable. Lastly, take note of the order accuracy they fulfill.


Visual Marketing Services

Hubspot Survey 2016 revealed that 43 percent of consumers prefer to see more video content. This gives us a heads up that the marketing should focus more on video creation and editing services to advertise better. Having a professional to create the best designs for the company is just one click away. Online platforms are also present to keep all transactions strictly confidential.


With the increased competition between video creators and editors online, you can have a vast pool of talent at the most affordable rate. According to B2B Report 2016, 62 percent rated videos as a highly effective content marketing tactic. This way, you potentially earn tenfold more of what you initially invested when hiring an effective video creator.


Getting the Best Out of Visual Marketing Services

Learn to negotiate. Tell them directly what you want to be portrayed and have standards that must be met. Since there is a huge competition for them online, your business will likely get a good discount as a result of agencies and freelancers trying to underbid each other for the job. Of course, keep in mind that not all visual marketing agents are legitimate hence you should vet each candidate carefully.


General Virtual Assistant

The secret of highly productive people is they do not try and do everything by themselves. It is important to focus on the more important task and let others do tasks you should not be doing alone. As startup businesses have limited capital, Virtual Assistants are the best option because they are highly affordable. Attesting to their merit, the number of virtual assistants have increased by 79.7 percent over the past several years.


The Young Entrepreneur Council determined that virtual assistants are the secret to the success of some startup businesses. Numerous entrepreneurs consider it a necessity to have an assistant assigned for organization, clerical, and other administrative tasks. Even while traveling, you can communicate virtually consequently gaining more time with more important tasks.


With so much to do and so little time, getting extra hands is a prudent decision. Start delegating the tasks to credible and capable outsourced service providers. The power to improve the way you handle tasks is within your reach.

Brooke Chaplan is a writer and recent graduate of the University of New Mexico. She enjoys blogging about a variety of topics and doing anything outdoors with fitness.