Top 10 Office Faux Pas You Need To Avoid


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When it comes to social etiquette the workplace has stricter rules. Some people don’t realise this. Your colleagues’ annoying habits tend to become magnified due to the sheer number of hours you have to spend with them. It’s worth identifying these pet peeves, so that you can make sure you’re not committing them. Here are 10 office faux pas that drive us crazy:

1.     Too Much Disclosure

A certain amount of sharing is acceptable. Going on and on about your boyfriend, kids, crazy weekend, or holiday plans is annoying. People don’t like one way conversations, particularly when they are trying to work.

2.     Excessive Grooming

The odd lippy application is ok. Painting your nails, brushing your hair, picking spots, and plucking your eyebrows are not. Please do it at home.

3.     Being Unfriendly

The office is no place to be pernickety about whom you get along with. You have no choice about who you work with and you can’t get along with everyone. Just keep it to yourself! Otherwise it will be a long year if you refuse to crack a smile.

4.     Bitching

Similarly to the point above, work is no place for bitching. It’s a nasty enough trait at the best of times so there really is no excuse. Plus when it inevitably gets back to them, there will be endless awkwardness.

5.     Being Too Loud

Nothing is more annoying than being in the depths of concentration, and then being distracted by a loud conversation behind you. It makes you completely lose your thread of thought. Keeping the noise down is good office etiquette.

6.     Being The Office Joker

There’s always somebody who wants to be the office joker. Just because it’s funny in The Office doesn’t mean it’s funny in real life. People will quickly see through it and find it annoying.

7.     Bringing In Smelly Food

Don’t be the guy who brings in egg sandwiches. You will stink out the office, fridge and anywhere else you and your sandwich go.

8.     Being Messy

There’s nothing worse than someone who turns the facilities into a student kitchen. Piles of washing up, mouldy pasta in the fridge and rubbish on the floor is not acceptable anymore.

9.     Moaning

Nobody likes a moaner; equally true inside and outside the office. This is particularly true if you complain every time anyone gives you any work to do. The faster you get on with it, the faster it will be done.

10.     Boasting About Money

Money is just one of those things you shouldn’t talk about. Boasting about what you’re going to spend your new promotion wage on is simply mean. Likewise asking other people what they get paid is a social no-no.

There are some things that you just shouldn’t do in the office, if you want to avoid annoying your colleagues. Can you think of any more faux pas to add to the list?

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Estelle Page is an interior designer with two children. She writes part time for Applied Workplace.


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