Top 10 Secrets to Building a Brilliant Business Blog


With the massive transition of business marketing to online platforms, every organization is desperately looking to solidify their online reputation and expand their business to whole new levels. One of the major initiatives taken by businesses that want to reach the top of search engine rankings is to build a superb blog to improve customer engagement.

As more and more companies are treading into the blogosphere, they are all constantly on the hunt for the perfect ingredients needed to build a successful business blog. If you happen to be one of them, then you have come to the right place. Here are the top 10 secrets you should utilize that will do wonders for your business blog.

Build your community around your niche

Identify your niche and build your blog community around it. By connecting with other significant bloggers in your business niche, you can create a mutually beneficial relationship via linking and commenting on each other’s posts.

If you are a Harrisburg social security lawyer who likes to blog about his profession, then you should take the initiative to connect with similar lawyers who are active in the blogosphere. Over time and done well, this will multiply the traffic to each of your blogs by several folds.

Get listed in blog directories

One of the key SEO techniques endorsed by every successful blogger is to submit their websites for a listing in popular blog directories. These directories are generally used by people to evaluate which business service will give them the best value for their money. That way, you will be able to gain a lot more exposure for your business blog.

Connect with people before you start marketing

With the evolution of the blogosphere, business models are altering as well to accommodate a more personal approach to marketing by presenting your products in a more informal light. People love reading content that offers a healthy mix of style and substance rather than wading through page upon page of monotonous copy detailing your business.

Embrace the basics of SEO

It is quintessential to make your business blog as SEO-friendly as possible to get the highest level of exposure to your blog via search engines. Your blog posts should have a good keyword density along with keyword-rich titles and tags. This will help drive more traffic to your business blog and generate quality leads.

Always acknowledge feedback

Cultivating stimulating discussions and responding to each commenter in your blog post helps keep the conversation flowing and gives your customers a better insight to your business motives. Commenting back on their blogs will further improve your presence in the blogosphere.

Linking via social networking

To generate more traffic for your blog, harness the power of all your favorite social networking platforms to capitalize on your established user base. This makes it a lot more convenient and easy for your visitors to promote your posts and get the world buzzing about your product.

Offer e-mail subscription services

Despite the brilliance in dissemination of information that newsfeeds deliver, people are more comfortable subscribing to a more elaborate and well-presented newsletter. Tools like Feedburner do a fantastic job at creating newsfeeds for your business blog and tracking its subscribers.

Use pinging to your advantage

Every business blog or website is constantly fishing the internet for attention and loves to track the status of their online presence as well as the developments of its competitors. There are numerous websites such as Pingoat that are eager to stay on track and cover any updates and announcements made in your business blog.

You can capitalize on their curiosity by “pinging” them in order to immediately notify them of any new activity in your business blog. This feature will greatly enhance the responsiveness to your business campaigns and will instantly get the online world buzzing about your blog.

Converting your visitors to customers

It is important to remember that generating high volumes of traffic for your business blog does not guarantee the success of your business. The real challenge lies in your ability to convert these visitors into loyal customers by presenting them with unique content and smart marketing text.

Using a variety of well-placed links that directly lead your blog readers to an online store with your listed products is a great tactic. It will push them one step closer to purchasing your product in a matter of seconds.

Create a newsfeed for your blog

Maintaining an effective RSS feed for your business blog’s content syndication will allow your followers to keep track of any interesting developments concerning your business.


Adrienne Erin is an internet marketer and writer who firmly believes that blogging is one of the most important things a business can do for their ranking, traffic, and recognition. Adrienne is a regular contributor to SiteProNews, Search Engine People, and a number of other industry blogs.

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