Many locally-owned small businesses struggle with marketing and advertising, and there are a few common reasons for this. Many marketing strategies are too expensive for limited budgets, and some marketing strategies are only cost-effective or worthwhile when focusing on a larger market. If you are trying to find affordable ways to reach a local target audience, you may consider some of these thoughtful ideas.

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Content Marketing
If you or someone in your office can write engaging content, you can tap into this resource on a dime. Engaging content may be posted online, in local publications and more. It can generate interest in your business and may even be passed around or shared for greater exposure. 



Vehicle Wraps
Car wraps are a wonderful idea if you have a company vehicle or if you want to turn your private vehicle into a mobile advertisement. The more you drive around, the more visible your ad will be. You vehicle will even be advertising for you when it is parked in a parking lot untouched by you for hours.

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Instructional Videos
You and your team can also create instructional videos that can be used to show how easy or beneficial your products are to use. These can be emailed, posted on your website or added to a social media site.

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Social Media Marketing
If your business is not currently taking advantage of social media marketing, now is a great time to get started. These are highly affordable ways to reach a targeted local audience. Simply find which social media platforms your target audience uses to get started.

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Graffiti Artwork
If you have access to an exterior wall on your building, you can turn that space into a billboard through graffiti art. Many graffiti artists will work for you for a dime, or you can even barter services to save on this expense. This is a great way to catch the attention of passersby.

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Sidewalk Artwork
Sidewalk artwork is also an equally effective way to capture attention of pedestrians. Create a design that will look great and that will generate interest. Ideally, it will draw people into your venue. Be sure that you have permission to complete the artwork before you get started.

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Eye-Catching Window Displays
If your venue has a smaller or larger display window, put this space to work for you with an eye-catching display. Think about things that are edgy or exciting. Add movement, lighting or other elements to create more interest.

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Sign Spinners
Another affordable idea is to hire a sign spinner to stand on a street corner or pay one of your staff members to spin a sign for a few hours. Make sure the sign is large enough and visible for legibility. Perhaps have your sign spinner wear a company t-shirt or stand in front of a stationary sign so that passersby know that the sign spinner is working for you.

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Special Events and Demonstrations
You can also host special events and demonstrations in your store. These may be touted as customer appreciation events, and you can market them as such. They can also be used to generate interest and to create a buzz about your business.

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City Tours
A creative idea is to partner with other local businesses to create a city tour for locals and visitors. With a city tour, you can give away free samples and coupons to encourage participation as well as repeat visits to your store. If you partner with the right group of businesses and make the tour fun, you can create a lot of interest in your business.

These are only a few of the many ideas that you can use to create interest in your products and services. Think about things that will generate immediate interest and that will get people talking, and you likely will be able to come up with some great ideas of your own.

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