Today everything demands to be digital and mobile which is why companies are putting a lot of their budget into mobile apps. While there are still many companies who are not investing in mobile apps, it gives you all the more reason to get ahead and win a competitive advantage over them. Everyone, from your customers to the sellers, around you prefer mobile-friendly apps and sites.

Statistics prove that mobile internet usage has had an annual increase of 51.3%. People these days prefer accessing and browsing the internet through phone apps. Having said this, the best marketing investment you could make for your business is in a mobile app.

Specificity and Targeting

Mobile apps provide a new dimension to the marketing utility of apps. Apart from role and data specific advantages of the conventional social media marketing mediums, mobile apps inculcate mobile specific technology that can give a unique and purposeful use for the app owners so they can interact with customers.


A useful aspect of mobile apps that businesses have an advantage with is geo-targeting. This mobile specific function enables mobile marketers to divide their target audiences on a granular plane by tracing the user’s location through the app.

This technology makes targeting desired audiences possible for modern age marketers including sending personalized texts to the customers and providing the best marketing details.


Targeting the right audience and filtering the noise can help your business save time, budget and finances in reaching the right leads. Geo-fencing can multiply click-through rates tremendously which can be table-turning for any business.

Geo-fences create a virtual ‘fence’ that is tracked by the GPS locating devices in business stores. The click-through rates of one company went through the roof by using this method. When a customer with the mobile app, came within the perimeter, an ad or a special promotion was launched on their phone.

Such technology is hugely beneficial for successful marketing campaigns. In fact, this could be the most dexterous and influential way to bring in the right leads for your brand.

Behavioral Tracking

Mobile ads also incorporate behavioral tracking amongst its several features. They use cookies from the targeted audiences browsing records to understand what the audience prefers to search and buy online. A tailor-made advertisement can reach a huge number of potential customers with the help of mobile apps.

Increased Customer Service and Loyalty

Having a mobile app for your business can boost customer service and as a result strengthen customer loyalty. To improve customer relations, many businesses invest a sum in mobile apps that help increase revenue by repeated customers.

With mobile apps, businesses can expand and improve their customer relationship. The two ways mobile apps can do this job better is by using customer-facing technology such as chatbots and convenience.

These app-centric methods allow customers to order their purchase right at their doorstep and allow the app to save their preferences for future purchases. Chatbots are available 24/7 to interact with the customers and increase the customer’s trust in the brand. Customers can interact with the brand from any corner of the world through customer-facing interactive technology which gives them a sense of connectivity and security. These are ideal for frequently asked questions or for providing information to the customer about a product.

Customers are more loyal to a brand that is available around their schedule and availability.

Marketing Automation

Mobile apps harness crucial information that supports marketing automation. Every time new users download the app, valuable information about the customer is unlocked. This creates an incredible influx of revenue for businesses.

Eventually, accumulating and measuring cell phone user’s analytics gives businesses the chance to track, calculate and maximize their marketing campaigns for better user engagement and return on investment.

These automated analyzing methods ease up the marketing process tremendously. Customer behavior data makes user segmentation easier enabling marketers to design personalized, tailor-made campaigns and promotional messages. Customer behavior can help you understand the best channel and optimal time to reach your targeted audience.

Usually, businesses accumulate user data from phone app analytics automating the data collection phase and easing the marketing efforts. The relativity of the message content sent to the customers and lead conversion is enhanced by this process.


User experience is multiplied with mobile apps, and revenue influx is boosted. A mobile app can aid your business to connect with the target audience in a context-specific, timely and location-based manner unique to any other mode of interacting with customers.

The mobile apps inculcate four elements that improve customer relations including high-performance marketing channels, outstanding tools for customer service, platforms engaging consumer loyalty and a productive marketing automation support.

These prove that mobile apps can make a significant impact on your brand by engaging your target audience and driving value for your business.

The Final Word:

You will find that people using their PC’s or laptops to look through a website or order online are a dying breed. Much like the human world, you need to adapt to survive in the corporate world and if you haven’t then you should invest in your first mobile app development project before your brand goes into oblivion. Also, once your mobile app is ready, market it on different social media channels to reach your target audience. Remember, a strong social proof is one of the best growing hacks for e-commerce businesses.

About the Author:

Sohail Rupani is a senior digital marketing strategist at PNC Digital, a Florida based digital media agency. He specializes in SEO and SEM techniques. He is passionate about technology and loves to analyze the tech industry in his spare time and stay in touch with the latest happenings. He also writes technical articles about SEO and digital marketing. Follow @sohailrupani for more updates.