What better way is there to market, advertise and sell your business than face to face, at a marketplace where vendors are seeking the products and services you offer? Trade shows are by far the best way to generate qualified leads that convert to sales, to meet other vendors and distributors, to cut advertising costs and to expose your business to customers who are actually looking for you.

Not to mention there is a networking potential from business to business with other players in your industry. This potential can lead to better vendors, bigger distributors, and more partners that can help you grow and improve your business, cut costs and improve your bottom line. The fact is in today’s modern hustle and bustle world, there is no better or more cost-effective way to meet new partners or to find new customers than at trade shows.

9 More Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be at a Trade Show

Personal Interaction with Customers

What better way to meet and make an impression on potential new customers than to have a chance to show them the benefits of your service or product face to face? You can spend all the marketing dollars you want on radio ads and television ads, but even radio and television ad reps will tell you it takes a commercial being seen or heard 7 times just to register with a customer, just for them to notice you. One meet and greet at a trade show and they won’t soon forget you.

On-Site Sales

Point of site sales can be tremendous at trade shows. Think about it. A trade show is a hall filled with potential customers who came to the event LOOKING for a business just like you. It certainly is much easier to close a customer who is already interested in and looking for your services.

Promotional Giveaways

What better way to make a lasting impression than to give away samples and merchandise at a trade show filled with customers that are already interested in you. Why spend marketing dollars on a newspaper ad that ends up at the bottom of a birdcage when you can give your strongest advertisement, your merchandise, directly to an interested customer to try?

Live Product Testing

Again, what better place to test new products than in a room full of people interested in and educated on what your business offers? You couldn’t pay for a better testing group.

Gather Market Data & Feedback

Gather data and feedback on what works for you and what doesn’t right on the spot, right from customers you are trying to win over. What better way is there to view your business than from the perspective of the customer?

Speak Directly To Decision Makers

Qualified impressions are the most important statistic when spending marketing dollars. How much money do you spend to get past gatekeepers and directly in front of decision makers? A trade show is a room full of interested decision makers.

Meet Your Target Market Directly

A trade show is a gathering of people solely interested in your type of business or industry. It is a meeting OF your target market, be a shame to miss it.

Qualified Lead Generation

Walk away not just with a list of leads that you have met, but with a list of qualified leads who were already interested in what you had to offer before you even met them.

Live Networking Potential

We are an age that is built on social networking, and while networking online is great, there is no better or more effective way to network than face to face.

Now that you are ready to attend a trade show and make a huge, lasting and positive impact on your business, make sure that you hire a reputable, respected and cost-effective booth design company. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so be sure to get this last point right.  Look for a trade show display company that has the experience, knowledge and skill to prepare you and to help make the process as smooth and simple as possible. A good booth design company will help you maximize your perception and your effectiveness at any trade show.

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Carlos A. Espitia is a marketing & business consultant with Infinity Exhibits. He is a 15-year marketing expert, high-performance driving instructor, founder of Omega Delta Sigma, former U.S. Marine, and University of Florida alumni.

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