Photo Credit: Danny Oosterveer Flickr

Photo Credit: Danny Oosterveer Flickr


Direct mail marketing has been around for many years; it existed before the internet and still has a place in the digital world of today. In order to use this advertising method effectively it is essential to follow these tips:


You must choose your intended audience carefully. It is no longer a case of sending as many mailings out as possible in the hope of getting a response. Quality is far more important than quantity. Your mailing list should be built up from people who have visited your site or who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Your Offer

The secret to attracting customers is to think long term. It is acceptable to make a loss on a customer’s first order if this will lead to a long-term relationship and profit in the long term.  Your mailing should open with your offer, people then know what you are offering and choosing to read on will show they are interested. It is also a good idea to include something useful in with your mailing. This will help your customer to remember you and utilize your services when needed. Ideally, your product should be something that can be kept to hand and used regularly.

Personalize your emails in order to make people want to read them

It is essential to personalize any correspondence as much as possible. Use your customer’s name and a stamp instead of a franking machine; this will encourage them to open the letter.  Inside use their name again but stick to a standard letter format, any more and it will feel like spam.


There is no rule regarding the length of your correspondence. If you have opened with your offer and they are interested they will continue reading. The length of the letter should be in keeping with what is necessary to explain the concept.


Customers are much more likely to open a letter if they are curious about its contents. Your promotional gimmick should be lumpy enough to catch their attention and their curiosity without adding a fortune to your postage bill.

Samples are fundamental if you want people to become interested in what you’re selling

Promotional materials are excellent, but if it possible to include a sample of your product you may be able to hook your customer immediately. A product sample can be enough to get them interested without costing you a fortune, and just like the initial first offer; it can be worth giving a little away to win the long term business.


There are many software packages which will allow you to track your customer base and the direct marketing campaigns you have sent them. You should also be able to track the response. You can then use this information to build an even better-targeted approach in the future. Some of the best systems will even produce marketing material which looks like it has been handwritten; allowing you to send personal offers effortlessly!


People still receive hundreds of different direct marketing materials every day, week or year. In order for yours to stand out, you must make it catch their eye. This may be by making the mailing lumpy, or by having a fold out or pop out section. Even a holographic image can catch someone’s eye. The important thing is to draw their attention to it so that they will read your offer and hopefully go on to purchase something!


To help reach the largest number of quality customers possible without blowing your entire budget on one campaign you should consider partnering with another firm. Choose a local business which offers a complimentary product and merge your marketing; they will access your customer list and you theirs, whilst halving the cost of your direct marketing.

Direct mail marketing techniques are not dead. In fact, they’re more efficient now than ever, and business owners and entrepreneurs should know that. However, it’s not that easy to persuade people actually open their mail and read their letters. The good news is, the right message conveyed at the right time and delivered in the right package can have a much bigger impact than an email. It’s all about appearances, and if you can grab attention with a promising package, people will want to know what hides in it too.

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