Everywhere in the world, people show up at trade shows to get the very latest information about exciting new products, services and business opportunities. Trade shows help exhibitors raise awareness of their brands and find new customers. The key to a successful trade show is getting noticed. By following the below tips and recommendations, you can make your next trade show booth a red-hot commodity.

Be a Wi-Fi Hot Spot

Traffic generation is fundamental. If you want foot traffic, provide something that everybody wants and needs. Offering connectivity for wireless Internet devices at your booth will make you extremely popular. With simple MiFi (My Wi-Fi) technology, you can provide internet access for up to ten wireless devices at a time. By offering MiFi, you will have crowds around your booth all day long.

Be a Charging Station

It is fair to assume that nearly every trade show attendee you encounter will be carrying a phone or other wireless device. It is astounding to consider the number of trade show venues that don’t offer attendees the means to charge their phones. You can easily and cheaply set up a charging oasis at or near your booth and attract throngs of people whose batteries have been drained seeking out intermittent WI-FI connectivity. Take advantage of your semi-captive audience by treating them to a video loop of your best product or service offerings.

Be Inviting and Interactive

Your booth location may not be the ideal environment in which to conduct serious one-on-one meetings with buyers. For this, you may need a semi-private space to cut some deals. Check with your venue before the show to discover if there are any private or semi-private areas in which you can conduct business.

Management personnel at certain venues instinctively understand this need. Utah-based Noah’s Event Venues is a company that operates a nationwide chain of business and social event venues that feature a variety of room options that can meet such needs. While working the trade show, it is imperative to make an effort to make appointments for private meetings with potential new customers.

Your Engagement Strategy

Your trade show booth needs appeal. You need to have plenty of things for attendees to do, and your booth needs to be inviting and engaging. According to Exhibitoronline.com, the key to maintaining a high level of booth engagement is to make sure that your marketing message is interesting and in some way unexpected. In this way, you actually share the spotlight with your booth’s visitors.

In the United States, there are more than 10,000 trade shows held every year. On the show floor, you have but a handful of seconds to engage passersby and pitch your brand. Visitor engagement is the first step in getting customers to do business with you. For this reason, foot traffic to your booth is vital. You don’t need the biggest or the most glittery trade show booth to garner more business. You just have to implement the aforementioned traffic-building tips and ideas.

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