Everyone hits brick walls sometimes; that unsettling feeling of not being able to move forward.

The idle frustration happens to every creative professional, but it doesn’t have to stop your work.

These practical tips will help you get past creative roadblocks, whether they are work related, leisurely creative activities, or hobbies.

Break Up Monotony in Life

Sometimes when day to day routines become too predictable, productivity can suffer.

This occurs for many reasons as the feeling of boredom, or even depression may project. A lack of motivation can result.

Take a new way to work, whether that means a new route or riding your bike or the bus. Eat at a new restaurant for lunch.

Try to view whatever creative work you are struggling with from a new perspective or angle. Breaking up the monotony or typical creative processes into something new can have some spectacular results! 

Furthermore, if you are feeling stuck in the moment and need a little extra focus for increased productivity, try one of these quick activities to boost energy.

Reorganize Your Workspace

Is the layout of your current workspace organized and easy for you to navigate? Or do you constantly stress to find a working pen or a free outlet?

Consider adding some new furniture to your workspace as well.

Furniture can also be useful for creative brainstorming, especially in team environments. Unique pieces such as desk alternatives, workplace couches, whiteboard tables, and other collaboration furniture are all beneficial for generating new ideas while remaining comfortable.

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Eat that…Frog?!

While searching for unique in an article titled Six ways to improve your productivity and get more done. The piece gives the following advice related to the “Eat That Frog” theory.

“Created by Brian Tracy, the theory is fairly basic – if you had to eat a big frog at some point during the day, wouldn’t it be better to do it first thing, so you don’t have to dread it all day?

Therefore, if you have a large piece of work to do that you’d rather put off, get it done first. Once you’ve ‘eaten your frog,’ the rest of the day will seem like a breeze in comparison!”

Avoid the Vicious Circle of Creative Fatigue

If you are feeling burnt out by a creative task, your brain may be experiencing fatigue.

Eat a brain-healthy snack or meal to boost your energy, or simply take a break if needed.

For me personally, a helpful approach is to switch to a different creative task when feeling fatigued creatively, or roadblocked.

Say you are writing a news story for a website, for example. You are nearly finished and just can’t seem to get the ending right. Assuming there are no strict deadlines to meet, your best course of action could be to step away and take a break, perhaps to get a meal or snack that will help boost brain activity.

Creative drawbacks happen to the best of us. Hopefully, these tips help you shed light on burnt out feelings and propel you forward through roadblocks in your life. Please post any standout tips you may have in the comments section below.